Thursday, 24 March 2011

Mother of a ex-prisoner trying to obtain home insurance

Neil Cook an insurance broker has just sent us in this letter he has received from a client.

"With our son due home from prison in 10 weeks time and our home insurance is due for renewal, I thought the prefect time to call them to advise he will be moving in.

My current insurer declined any cover. After hours of trawling the internet, repeating the answers to the same questions. I still hadn't found a insurance company to cover our home.

I kept thinking how do people in the same situation obtain cover for their homes!!!!!

I then found a link on the web site that provided us with a list of insurance companies that maybe able to help.

Yet still none of them would provide cover. I then called Neil Cook "oh why was his name not at the top of the list"

He provided us with a quote and set up our policy hassle free.

After having home insurance for 43 years without having any problems it came as a shock to come up against so many brick walls.

Thankfully after Neil's help it was sorted in approx 10 mins.

Thank-you Neil Yours -Mrs B"

If you or a family member have a criminal record you no longer have to fear the insurance industry. There are companies out there who can help.

Visit at the jml-insurance site and contact one of those companies advertising.

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