Friday 31 July 2009

Is your pet insured? It does make sense

We are all cutting back a bit now, saving on this and that. If you have a cat or dog it could suddenly become ill, or have an accident and this can cost a great deal of money.

For a small monthly payment why not have peace of mind.

Your dog or cat is a member of your family and just as you would look after your "human family's" health so you should with your four legged family friends. Unfortunately vets' bills can be very costly and unlike the rest of your family There is no NHS for your pet! A 24 hour stay in a vets can cost in excess of £240.00!

If your dog were to run out into the road and cause an accident, or accidentally cause damage to someone else's property you would be liable for paying compensation to the injured parties.

Cats are always able to get themselves into scrapes. But sometimes they can pick up severe injuries and require veterinary care, which can be prohibitively expensive.

Looking after a sick or injured animal can cost hundreds of £££s in vet bills. And even thousands if they develop a long-term illness. Which is why you need to make sure you've got sufficient cover.

Some insurance providers also include holiday cancellation cover should anything happen to your pet and you can't go away and help towards the cost of advertising and rewards should your pet be lost.

There is a great little Pets Insurance site called Take a look and view the various advertisers products.

If you love your pet you should make sure he or she has insurance.

Insurance expert is new Honorary Consultant for the FPRA


Reporting overcharging managing agents is just one of the dynamic actions of the newest honorary consultant to join the FPRA.

Neil Cook is an insurance expert and will be adding his expertise to the FPRA team. He works for Kay International plc, an independent insurance broker and underwriting
agency based in the City of London. act as introducers to Kay International.

Neil says: “I started in the insurance broking industry in 1980 and always thought beyond the box to ensure the client always was put first, no matter what the
circumstances. Due to this I won numerous awards and accolades from the insurance industry and clients, and my trade association.

“I have never been one to let those who offer the client a bad deal get away with things. Hence I reported overcharging managing agents to the press and I am
involved with the RICS transparency working party.”

Neil is a joint freeholder and landlord as well as having been a tenant, so has first-hand experience of the property issues faced by FPRA members.

He specialises in both commercial and residential property insurance, as well as stand-alone terrorism cover

Friday 24 July 2009

Time to think about University or College.. Don't forget Student insurance

It is that time of year again, a wet July afternoon and you are waiting for those all too important "A" level and Higher results will shortly be out and you will soon know if you have got into the universit or college of your choice.
Of course you might be at the end of your gap year and have already decided where to go. Newspapers are starting to feature universities. Thurdsday 23rd July 09, The Independent had a 8 page supplement on Welsh Univesities. According to the paper there are 12 scattered around the country including The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama where Sir Anthony Hopkins studied.
The majority are in the south and Cardiff has famous former students like politicians Neil and Glenys Kinnock, ITV Weather presenter Siân LLoyd and BBC Presenter HUw Edwards.My nephew also went there.

At Aberystwyth on the west coast one of my histor teachers went there, quite a few years back even before Prine Charles was there!
No doubt over the coming weeks our newspapers will be full of articles on these seats of "Higher learning".
What is so important however is the fact that students will be out there searching for accommodation, making sure they have their ipods, lap top computers and mobiles to start off theit advance learning programme. They will be running up debt with the student loan, but wait for it what will they forget?
It will be the insurance for their belongings. Why? Well the reason is they often think that they won't have their property stolen.
However it happens a lot and what with the student loans and other borrowing, students don't want to have to keep on spending money on replacing their belongings. act as introducers to major companies like Endsleigh and HomeLet and Letsure.
Do remember to take out insurance when you go off to University or College.
By the way, don't forget to insure your bike, even if you are going to a busy bike city like Oxford or Cambridge.

Overseas property insurance in English - very popular

Looking at the reports we receive as introducers of overeas property insurance written in English, it is very interesting to see that many of the people buying these products are owner occupiers.

At one time a large precentage were owners of holiday homes, however there are now numerous clients who are obviously living in France, Spain and Portugal.
If you are not fluent in the language that your holiday home is situated in, it makes a great deal of sense to buy a policy whereby the policy document is written in English. If you have to make a claim, you deal with an adviser that is speaking your primary language.
Insurance documents often appear very confusing even in English, so naturally if it is in French or Spanish for example might be very difficult to understand.
jml acts as introducers under the terms of FSA regulations for Intasure - Andrew Copeland - Devon Direct for main residence and Holiday Homes overseas.
They also act as introducers for UK Holiday Homes via Letsure - Rentguard - Kay International as well as Intasure - Copeland and Devon Direct.

If you are moving abroad and are worried about taking out property insurance and your language skills are not too good, don't worry this might be the answer

Friday 17 July 2009

HomeLet Rent Guarantee is Simply Common Sense

I have just found this in my post. A post cads saying " Can you guarantee your rent will be paid"

As a Landlord where would you turn if your tenant can't or won't pay the rent. Apparently with a HomeLet Rent Guarantee all you have to do is claim.

Turning the card over, they explain why the HomeLet rent guarantee is common sense.

They say they provide cover for missed rental payments, they have a specialist in - house claims team to ensure the claim is paid prompltly and cover for legal costs incurred in evicting the tenant as a result of non payment of rent.

If you have had problems with tenants not paying rent respond on this blog and share your experiences.

Driving in Europe and Short Term Cover

Those very nice people at e-car insurance have just sent me a news letter saying that

If you're planning a driving trip to Europe over the coming months then why not take advantage of our inclusive 365 day European Cover which comes as standard on all annual and Pay As You Go monthly policies.

Don't forget that you can include up to 4 drivers on a multi driver policy which means you can share the driving with friends and family - giving you more time to enjoy the holiday!

It is July in the rain in south east England, however it is not raining everywhere in Europe, but make sure if you have a convertible car the roof does not leak. Have a great vacation.

They also included this - Need Short Term Insurance?

If you find that adding additional drivers is too expensive then our Short Term Policy will cover up to 4 temporary drivers for any period between 1 and 28 days.

This is a great policy for anyone who wants to drive another car for a short time and is also ideal for test drives, hire and courtesy cars.

Insurance can be obtained instantly and your certificate is available to print immediately. You will have access to extend or amend your policy online at anytime - simple Find out more here