Friday 17 August 2012

Going on a gap year soon?

Just got those all important A level results and you can now relax a little by taking a Gap Year?

Perhaps you can take a sabbatical from work, whatever your reason you must make sure you are properly insured.

Yesterday Essential Travel issued a press release "Essential Travel's Backpacker Campaign For Youngsters" - If you're getting ready to embark on a full on gap year, career break or just a few months of adventure, Essential Travel has started a Great Backpacker Giveaway!

While the publication of A-level results traditionally sees teenagers and their parents thrown into a week of chaos and clearing, there are a growing number of parents who are actively encouraging their offspring to take up a different form of education and head off travelling.

In an Essential Travel recent survey of parents of young people going on a gap year, 46% of them fall into the 18 - 20 age range* and their parents actively encourage their alternative education with 35% of them claiming their children were going on a gap year to gain work experience, volunteer, learn a language or improve their CV.**

"It improves their knowledge and independence." (parent of 18 - 20 year old female)

"It's good to get out there and see the world." (mother of 18 - 20 year old female)

"The world is a big, wonderful place and I want my children to experience it." (parent of less than 18 year old female).

In response to this, Essential Travel has created a three part Backpacker Campaign, designed to support young people about to go travelling

The campaign, starting on Thursday 16th July, consists of:

1. The A-Z Backpackers' Bible. The guide is a collection of tips on staying safe, as well as practical help for dealing with some of the stressful and even dangerous situations that can arise while travelling. It's packed with advice specifically written for young travellers, many of which may never have even lived away from home before, and includes backpackers' own descriptions of dangerous situations they found themselves in, as well as first person tips to make the reader's journey safe and memorable . The Travel Safety Guide can be downloaded free of charge.

2. 15% off Essential Travel Backpacker insurance. And with the choice of 3 cover levels and 4 areas of cover you only pay for the cover you need. You can also customise it to include dangerous sports, winter sports, pre-existing medical condition cover, and a number of other specialist add-ons.

3. There is a Facebook competition where entrants have the chance of winning a rucksack packed with travelling goodies worth over £800, including a beautiful travel journal from Oh So Cherised, travel toiletries from Ickle Bockles, 2 places for a first aid course by CRT Medical, an underwater camera case from Overboard and innovative insect patches from Dont Bite Me! Entrants will have to work out the Seven Wonders of the World, as voted for in a recent Essential Travel survey of backpackers' favourite travel destinations.

With over 5 million satisfied customers since 2001, Essential Travel is one of the UK's leading online travel insurance providers, with its fully-comprehensive, competitively-priced travel insurance. Essential Travel also offers priority access to the most sought after car parks, hotels and lounges at all major airports across the UK. Essential Travel is now part of Thomas Cook UK & Ireland. They also have car hire excess insurance from £1.94 a day. 

For further information visit:   Notes to this Essential Travel News Release  *43 out of 72 fall into the 18-20 range

** 25 out of 72 stated those objectives

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Uni just around the corner and Half of students work to help fund their studies says Endsleigh Insurance

Endsleigh Insurance said in a Press Release on Monday that  50% of students work to help fund their studies according to a new survey published by Endsleigh, the number one student gadget insurance provider. In addition to spending 28 hours a week on their course, almost two thirds of student (58%) do paid work for 11 hours or more.

Endsleigh’s survey of over 2000 students, conducted with the National Union of Students, found that slightly more girls took part time jobs than boys, with 52% working in term time or the holidays compared to 42% of boys.

One in four students cited a part-time job in term time as their ‘main source of income’ although student loans remained the most popular choice with nearly three quarters (73%) of students using the loans for support. The bank of mum and dad was not far behind with over half of students (51%) relying on help from parents whilst at university. Almost a quarter of students (22%) admitted using their overdrafts to get through university but a lucky one in ten (10%) receive some form of company sponsorship to help with their costs.

Sara Newell, Student Market Manager, Endsleigh Insurance, said: “For many students, having a part time job at university is no longer a choice but a necessity. There is clearly a lot of pressure on students to think about finances but there is advice out there and we would encourage students to start thinking about money before heading off to university so that cash flow worries don’t stop students having a fantastic university experience.”

The survey was conducted by NUS online during April/May 2012 and surveyed 2072 representative university students.

Students and parents told Endsleigh they needed stolen and lost laptops and mobile phones to be replaced quickly so they can continue with their studies and stay in contact with their parents. That’s why Endsleigh have introduced their 24 hour laptop and mobile phone insurance to ensure students stay connected and keep studying.

Endsleigh is the trusted brand for student insurance, and the only insurance provider recommended by NUS.

Endsleigh is an independent intermediary specialising in the provision of insurance and financial products for career people.

Originally founded in 1965 to serve the student market, Endsleigh has since broadened its products and services for graduates and professionals, as well as being the preferred insurance supplier for a variety of trade unions and professional organisations. The company offers a wide range of services including motor, home and travel insurance.

Endsleigh also offers business insurance through Endsleigh’s Business team and financial advice through the Endsleigh Financial Advice team. 

The A level results are due out very soon and many people will soon be off to university and college. It is therefore most important that the student insurance for rental possessions, car insurance and Student travel insurance should be arranged via a well established insurance company like Endsleigh.

 Find out more about Endsleigh Insurance Here

Holidaymakers should take extra care of their belongings says Sainsburys Bank

Sainsbury's Bank issued a press release yesterday is encouraging holidaymakers to take extra care of their personal belongings while abroad, as new research(1) reveals that around 7% of Britons who have travelled abroad in the past two years have fallen victim to conmen or thieves. According to the findings, the average value of money or possessions stolen was £41

The research(1) reveals that of those people who suffered from thefts or cons in the last two years, almost two thirds (59%) had loose cash taken while nearly one in four (23%) had their entire wallets or purses taken. Other stolen items included credit or debit cards (14%), mobile phones (12%), cameras (10%), clothing (10%), iPods or similar devices (7%) and watches (6%).

Jo Nola of Sainsbury’s Travel Money said: “We go on holiday to relax and spend time with our family and friends but unfortunately, our research reveals that for some Brits this time can be marred by falling victim to local crime.

"Our research shows that cash is the most common target for thieves while on holiday so it's advisable to avoid carrying large amounts with you, or leaving it in your hotel room. A prepaid currency card, like a Cash PassportTM, is available from us and is worth considering as it enables you to withdraw money free of charge from ATMs while abroad(2). When buying your currency you can ask for a second card, so if you lose one, or it's stolen from you, your money is protected and your other card can be activated."

Thefts or cons are most likely to take place in hotel rooms or on public transport, according to the research(1), with 16% of victims saying it has happened in each of these locations. Some 13% have fallen victim at a tourist attraction, 13% while walking down the street, and 10% while on the beach. Another one in 10 (10%) have been duped or robbed in a bar, 9% at an ATM and 6% while in a car, the same percentage as those who have fallen victim while in a shop.

The research also reveals an array of techniques thieves and conmen have used to swindle Britons whilst abroad in the past two years, including:

• “The seat belt fine” – the taxi driver pretends you need to pay a fine for not wearing a seatbelt and hands your money to a “policeman” he is in cahoots with, or disappears round a corner to pretend he is paying an official at the airport

• “The beachcomber” – the thief watches you on the beach then takes your bag or possessions while you are swimming in the sea

• “The distraction dupe” – one fraudster distracts you with a false story or by making conversation while their accomplice goes through your bag or pockets

• “The bus breakdown” – the driver pretends your bus has broken down in the middle of nowhere and forces passengers to pay more money to be collected by a second bus

The note switch” – a taxi driver or barman takes a large note from you, then switches it and shows you a smaller one, claiming you owe him or her more money

Sainsbury’s Travel Money offers the following tips on keeping your cash and possessions safe while abroad:

• Let your bank and credit card companies know you are going abroad so if your card is lost or stolen your money is protected

• Spread valuables and money among several different bags and keep cards and cash separate

• Don’t keep wallets in your back pocket

• Don’t carry huge amounts of cash with you

• Try to blend in – many tourists are a dead giveaway for would-be criminals with their bumbags, guide books and cameras in hand

Consider using a Cash Passport™ prepaid currency card that allows you to withdraw money from ATMs or use it to buy goods in shops, free of charge2. If it is lost or stolen, the card can be cancelled immediately.

Finally make sure you have the right Travel Insurance and are fully insured for you and your family on holiday. There are a great selection of insurance companies advertising on the jml Insurance site including: Questor Insurance, Worldwideinsure,, annual travel, Essential Travel, Multitrip, Direct Travel Insurance, Staysure for the over 50s, Endsleigh Insurance, Quotezone, JS Insurance, Kinsure, Protect My, Devon Direct, insureme4 and Travel Insurance Medical. Visit the Link Page Here   Many offer annual policies which is really good if  you are likely to take more than one holiday a year.   

Friday 10 August 2012

A great day for going sailing - are you looking for boat insurance?

Like many others I have been watching the Olympic sailing on the TV. Many fortunate people will have had a great day out watching it all from the coast and on a great summers day like today everything looks perfect even if your country is not a winner.

Like so many events, the London Marathon and Wimbledon the "Olympic effect" has meant that so many people want to take up sport and the sailing looks really great.

Many people are regular sailors in one way or another and all around the country whether it is at the coast or on a lake or river their are boats galore.

You do need to make sure your boat has proper insurance cover. There are a couple of advertisers offering boat insurance who advertise on the jml Insurance site.

Noblemarine Insurance offers a great range of products including
Dinghy Insurance - Yacht Insurance - Motor Boat Insurance - Speed Boat Insurance - RIB/Inflatable Insurance - Jet Ski Insurance - Narrow Boat Insurance - Laser Insurance - Sailboard Insurance - Rowing Boat Insurance More information Here about this long established company

Quotezone  - Compare boat insurance for your motor cruiser, yacht, jet ski or narrowboat - They say "Experience Quotezone's marine quote system and you could get cheap boat insurance faster than you think .We don't believe it should take ages to find a cheap boat insurance quote. We also don't believe it should be expensive - Our system is totally free to use! More than one million people have already had insurance quotes with Quotezone so give our simple boat insurance system a try" We say "More information Here"

Wednesday 8 August 2012

Intasure and Quotedesk have a new owner

It has been reported yesterday that Blenheim Park Ltd the company that owns Intasure and Quotedesk has been sold to Arthur J. Gallagher International. Intasure is a specialist insurance company for holiday home, second homes and main residence insurance.
Quotedesk offers an extensive range of commercial insurance products. Blenheim Park Ltd is based in Croydon .

Arthur J. Gallagher International is the trading platform for the AJG & Co. group outside of the United States, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands. It has seven international operating divisions and offices in six countries. Its UK operation trades as Gallagher London.

According to their press release of the 7th August. "Blenheim Park Ltd. joins the Gallagher Heath Insurance Services (GHIS) business unit reporting to GHIS Managing Director, Des O’Connor. Mike Farley, who heads Blenheim Park Ltd., will be joining Des O’Connor’s GHIS management team as Managing Director of the business, focusing on the continuing growth of the Intasure brand. Russell Wright will also join the management team as the Schemes & Affinity Operations Director and will work across GHIS.

Intasure specialises in holiday homes in 43 countries, including Europe, Turkey, the UAE, Thailand and Cape Verde.

Quotedesk is an insurance broker for SME commercial businesses. The BPL team launched Quotedesk two years ago and Nigel Palmer, who joined GHIS earlier this year from Towergate, will lead the team and drive the growth strategy forward.

Des O’Connor said, “This deal greatly adds to the strength of our GHIS portfolio, whilst allowing for multiple cross-selling opportunities – a number of Blenheim Park Ltd.’s clients are second home owners and may well be in the over-50s market. This allows us to cross-sell our over-50s products from our recent IDL acquisition to Blenheim Park Ltd. clients and vice versa. It’s a great fit and we can’t wait to start exploring the opportunities.

Blenheim Park Limited and Arthur J. Gallagher (UK) Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. AJG (UK) Registered Office: 9 Alie Street, London, E1 8DE. Registered No: 05172311 England and Wales.

Find out more about Intasure Holiday Home insurance Plus Here

Find out more about Quotedesk Commercial Insurance Services Here