Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Uni just around the corner and Half of students work to help fund their studies says Endsleigh Insurance

Endsleigh Insurance said in a Press Release on Monday that  50% of students work to help fund their studies according to a new survey published by Endsleigh, the number one student gadget insurance provider. In addition to spending 28 hours a week on their course, almost two thirds of student (58%) do paid work for 11 hours or more.

Endsleigh’s survey of over 2000 students, conducted with the National Union of Students, found that slightly more girls took part time jobs than boys, with 52% working in term time or the holidays compared to 42% of boys.

One in four students cited a part-time job in term time as their ‘main source of income’ although student loans remained the most popular choice with nearly three quarters (73%) of students using the loans for support. The bank of mum and dad was not far behind with over half of students (51%) relying on help from parents whilst at university. Almost a quarter of students (22%) admitted using their overdrafts to get through university but a lucky one in ten (10%) receive some form of company sponsorship to help with their costs.

Sara Newell, Student Market Manager, Endsleigh Insurance, said: “For many students, having a part time job at university is no longer a choice but a necessity. There is clearly a lot of pressure on students to think about finances but there is advice out there and we would encourage students to start thinking about money before heading off to university so that cash flow worries don’t stop students having a fantastic university experience.”

The survey was conducted by NUS online during April/May 2012 and surveyed 2072 representative university students.

Students and parents told Endsleigh they needed stolen and lost laptops and mobile phones to be replaced quickly so they can continue with their studies and stay in contact with their parents. That’s why Endsleigh have introduced their 24 hour laptop and mobile phone insurance to ensure students stay connected and keep studying.

Endsleigh is the trusted brand for student insurance, and the only insurance provider recommended by NUS.

Endsleigh is an independent intermediary specialising in the provision of insurance and financial products for career people.

Originally founded in 1965 to serve the student market, Endsleigh has since broadened its products and services for graduates and professionals, as well as being the preferred insurance supplier for a variety of trade unions and professional organisations. The company offers a wide range of services including motor, home and travel insurance.

Endsleigh also offers business insurance through Endsleigh’s Business team and financial advice through the Endsleigh Financial Advice team. 

The A level results are due out very soon and many people will soon be off to university and college. It is therefore most important that the student insurance for rental possessions, car insurance and Student travel insurance should be arranged via a well established insurance company like Endsleigh.

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