Monday 31 October 2011

Some insurance call centres appear to be misguiding flood and subsidence victims

We have been sent a disturbing report by specialist insurance broker  Neil Cook in the week that ended with Halloween. The information has named several insurance companies and those names have been removed.

"Over the course of this week I have heard several horror stories of a call centre that claims to have been a broker (name removed) who’s over keen /over aggressive staff are taking clients money and not telling the insurers the real complications of the cover such as flood /high flood risk, subsidence, claims or criminal convictions etc if the premium

Some companies seems too cheap, so ask to see a full quotation in writing before you part with your cash please. If you need a specialist policy make sure that’s what your getting not something you thought it was that will not payout !!!
Two other companies are others on the complaints list they sell their policies either online or through financial advisers and they are keen on getting your money rather than giving the cover you want ! Certain older person specialist insurance companies also are not as good as they seem, reports of them charging premiums 3 or 4 times market rates such a lady in north London who’s home had suffered subsidence ! She mentioned she was paying £350 it seemed quite good NO it was £350 a month so £4200 a year our specialist got her cover for £1500

Beware of insurers specialising in insuring the older generation they will sell you a policy at rock bottom prices and within a few years you will end up vastly more you might pay elsewhere

Please don’t be scared by the usual suspects into believing that they done you a great favour in keeping you covered and they that no one else can help, nor when you find that they change their tune and either say they no longer cover your risk etc

There are true experts who are experienced people not call centres and treat you as a person, those are the ones we recommend to you.

More often than not their premiums can be lower than you would expect they also promise that cover will transfer to any one that buys your house and also that policies can transfer landlords policies and visa versa

Lastly in the various horror stories as we have just had Halloween, an old lady in Ulverston was quoted £18000 by her insurer of many many years to renew her house insurance after a flood claim the shock almost killed her ! our specialist would have offered her nearer £600 we would like to hear your insurance horror stories"

You can contact Neil Cook by using this form 

Source Neil Cook

Floods have been very much in the news again with flooding in Ireland earlier in the month. A report in the Saturday 29th October edition of The Independent said "Floods 'bigger threat than burglary'. The report in the finance pages said that water damage is the "silent threat" to British homes and a bigger threat to homes than burglary.  This was after last weeks torrential rain in parts of England and Wales.  See the report here

Monday 24 October 2011

Flood Risk Home Insurance

If you live in area likely to flood you need the right insurance
 The weather in the south east of England is a very pleaasnt 18 degrees to day, but further west heavy rain and possible flooding is forecast. We only need some heavy rain and there is the risk of floods and the risk to those areas that get affected by flooding becomes a threat.

What happen if you live in one of those "dangerous areas" and the bank insurance company cancels the cover?

The following has been senmt to us last Friday by Neil Cook, insurance broker who works for  T R Youngs / Allstyles insurance brokers. We have removed the name of the bank, but it is one of the major UK clearing banks.

 “We discovered by chance that our existing insurers for the buildings insurance (XXXX  XXX) had cancelled the policy as of March 2011 and we were therefore without any cover. With the Bank Managers help at XXXX Bank we tried to find out why it had been cancelled and the direct debit payments had not been taken out of our account, but he wasn’t able to give a reason?

When we tried to rearrange another policy with the bank, despite going through the whole process with their insurers we were told that our application had been declined, and also by the other companies XXX Bank use. Eventually, it transpired after them running a postcode check of the area, the property had been classified by the Environment Agency as being in a flood plain and liable to flooding. The Bank was unable or reluctant to offer any further assistance and we were left with the problem of no insurance and effectively a valueless property.

I contacted Neil using the reply back service on the website and within minutes I had a telephone call back from him with some preliminary information and advice. Within less than hour after contacting him he had arranged a new policy with an additional flood risk element and for a saving of almost £200.00 from our previous insurer.

Thanks to the efficient and prompt service we were fully covered the same day and now have peace of mind over what could have been a real dilemma. I can without question highly recommend Neil’s expert advice and service to anyone in a similar position to us, a valuable contact to have.”

If you live in an area that has the risk of flooding and want some advice or a quote for flood risk home insurance Click Here

Thursday 20 October 2011

HomeLet insurance shortlisted at the Landlord & Letting Awards

We have just heard the HomeLet the long established insurance company specialist for Landlord and Tenant insurance has been shortlisted as a finalist for 2011/12 in the Insurance Services, Innovation and Provider categories of the prestigious Landlord & Letting Awards.

According to HomeLet's blog - Oliver Romain, editor of Landlord & Buy-to-Let magazine and lead judge for the Awards, commented: “The Landlord & Letting Awards are the premier nationwide private rented sector awards in the UK, and it’s great to be able to recognise and reward the best in the industry. This year’s response was phenomenal, with over 1,000 entries received across the various categories, so HomeLet has done brilliantly to be shortlisted.”

The winners for each category will be announced at a gala dinner – hosted by property investor and TV presenter Melissa Porter – being held at the Concourse Suite, Birmingham NEC, Wednesday 16 November, 2011.

John Boyle, Managing Director of HomeLet said: “We are thrilled to reach this stage in the judging process; it really is testament to our hard work and commitment. We are now just keeping our fingers crossed that we are lucky enough to walk away with a winner’s trophy on the night.”

We at jml Property Services would wish them well and hope they come home with an award this year. We have been HomeLet agents since 2003 and been displaying their products on the website  

If you are a landlord or tenant looking for rental insurance take a look at HomeLet Insurance Here

It might be the best  move you have made in a while!

Wednesday 19 October 2011

jml Insurance server problems 19 October 2011

The server / Internet provider for and is not working at the present.

Hopefully it won't be too long before BT can have this fixed. In the meantime a lot of advertisers who promote their products at jml-insurance also have them at the following sites:

Monday 17 October 2011

Remember to buy Travel Insurance for the Half Term Holiday

It is now mid October and at then of this week schools will be breaking up for half term. Only a couple of weekends ago we had very high temperatures in the south of England.

By the end of this week it will become much colder, so a great half term treat is to head off to warmer climates for a few days. You have booked the accommodation, flight, car hire, but have you remembered yout travel insurance?

So many people forget this very important purchase.

Why should I buy it?

Holiday delayed?

Missed departure?

Lost your passport?

Personal money stolen?

Damaged your ski equipment?

Personal Accident?

Abandon your holiday before you leave the UK

Catastrophe — fire, flood, earthquake or storm

Medical Emergency — Hospital — Emergency Dental Treatment

Legal Advice


The above are just some of the reasons and remember you should check with the individual insurance company you are buying it from to find out exactly you (and your family/partner) will be covered for.

The jml Insurance website has a great selection of insurance companies advertising and covering the over 50's as well. Insurance companies offer travel insurance, winter sport insurance, financial failure insurance, emergency medical insurance  and even kidnap and ransom insurance cover.

Find out more Here 

Hopefully you won't need any of these, but it is essential that you are fully insured for your holiday travels

Tuesday 11 October 2011

More words of praise for Neil Cook insurance broker

We have just received this letter thanking Neil Cook, Insurance Broker who deals with Specialist insurance areas like Flood damage property insurance - Ex Offender insurance - Northern Ireland residents insurance and a lot more.

"Dear Neil I just wanted to say thanks for all the help you offered with our quote. It was great to have somebody enthusiastic who was able to offer a competitive quote without any hassle.

We hadn’t realised that XXXX XXX were hard to deal with in the event of a claim, of course it’s only when you come to claim that you realise exactly what any company is like, but having an individual such as yourself deal with the policy from start to finish is a huge bonus. (I hope we don’t have to make any claims in the future) Once again, thanks for your professional service and advice, it is very much appreciated. Kind regards Sue M "

Neil says "I am finding more brokers than direct clients are struggling on difficult risks if you are an insurance broker who need help with a complex risk just ask me"

And another one!

I got this client a premium of £775
"Hi Neil,

Your details were passed over to us by an existing client of yours. We've recently received a quote for our buildings and contents insurance from the same company we've used for the last two years (UK Bank).

For some reason it's more than trippled in price this year to £2,000. We've been on honeymoon and returned to this renewal price. It automatically renewed on the 1st of October but we have 14 days to cancel as part of the 'cooling off' rules. Timescales are pretty tight!

We have family that you helped who live over the road from us and they're paying much less. We were flooded in 2008 - hence the price.

Would it be possible to give me a call to discuss. Thanks John"

Contact Neil by using this link HERE

Chippen Campden flood letter

A victim of the floods in Chipping Campden in the Cotswolds has sent in this letter. "Following the floods in Chipping Campden in July 2007, which affected both our house and holiday-let cottage in Park Road, we changed our insurers to NFU, who offered us very reasonable terms.

We have recently sold the cottage and were amazed to discover that the purchasers were declined flood cover by the NFU and were unable to obtain it elsewhere either. Since then, I have realised that a number of other property owners in and around Chipping Campden have a similar problem.

I am pleased to announce that I have managed to find a number of brokers who specialise in providing cover for flood-affected properties. One in particular that I would recommend is Neil Cook, Head of Specialist Risks for TR Youngs Insurance Brokers Email Here:. His motto is to offer solutions, not create problems. Watch his BBC interview about helping flood victims

If you were affected by the floods and have difficulty in obtaining insurance cover on reasonable terms, I suggest that you contact Neil Cook, giving him details of your circumstances and the measures, if any, that you have taken to prevent a recurrence.

The Note from the Town Council which appears in this month’s Bulletin may also help you to obtain more favourable terms, as it lists the various remedial actions which have already been taken or are still due to be taken in this financial year. Copies can be obtained in The Old Police Station either from the Town Clerk’s office or from The Jola Glass Studio."