Saturday 21 December 2013

Cold winter ahead could cause havoc with rental properties

Landlord & Buy-to-Let magazine have an article warning that Britain is braced for the 'worst winter in decades'. This is in their November 2013 edition and hopefully it will not be too true. However there has been a great deal of heavy wind and rain about in Britain and Ireland over the past few days.

The say that many tenants, will be hoping to save some money on heating if they go away over Christmas, New Year or further into winter. The risk here is that if there is a freeze up and a thaw then there can easily be burst pipe activity. 

Many agents will send out a warning letter to tenants suggesting if they are going away they must either keep the heating on low, or have the water system professionally drained down. That basically does not mean turning the water off at the stop cock as there will still be water in the tanks and pipes throughout the property. A lot of tenancy agreements now have clauses in them with the tenants to ensure that the property is properly heated in cold periods. 

I have in my career been into rental properties, that tenants have left without heat before Christmas when it was mild and there was a freeze just after Christmas and then the ceilings were on the floor after the thaw.

The AIIC - The Association of Independent Inventory Clerks is urging landlords and agents to be vigilant about checking properties to ensure they are safe from potential water and fire damage.

The Chair of the AIIC - Pat Barber says "Water damage from frozen pipes can be devastating to a property. For example an eight inch crack in a pipe can spew out 250 gallons of water in a day"

The AIIC has compiled some winter guidelines for rental property.

  • Chimneys - Ensure they are swept once a year by a professional chimney seep, ideally before the tenant starts using fires.
  • Smoke alarms - check that smoke alarms are fitted in all properties and they are all working properly (In the Republic of Ireland it is obligatory to have mains wired alarms when letting out a property).
  • Insulation - Ensure water pipes and water tanks are properly lagged and insulated.
  • Heating - Advise tenants to keep their heating on if they are going away - on a minimum of 15 degrees centigrade. It is sensible to open the loft hatch also as this allows air to circulate and helps to prevent pipes freezing and bursting in the loft.
  • Boiler servicing - Ensure that gas and oil boilers are serviced every 12 months (you will need to do this anyway under the Gas safety regulations in the UK)
  • Empty property -If the property is to be empty for an extended period of time, it is sensible to have the water system fully drained down (see earlier part of this article) by a qualified contractor. (Info based on AIIC guidelines)  
Finally make sure the property is properly covered by insurance - For Landlords, companies like HomeLet, Rentguard, Endsleigh, Andrew Copeland and Intasure have a great choice of insurance policies - Find out More Here.

For Tenants, your  possessions (including your personal furniture and furnishings) will not be covered by your landlord's insurance so find out more about insurance from HomeLet, Rentguard, Endsleigh and Intasure  Here

Thursday 19 December 2013

Rentguard Insurance News - December 2013

Just received the December edition of Rentguard insurance News.

Rentguard are the company who offer a great selection of property insurance products - Non Standard Property Insurance for  those working or trading from home and in some cases, those with previous claims histories, histories of CCJs, bankruptcy and even criminal convictions.

Landlord and Tenant Insurance - Main home insurance in the UK, Holiday Homes in the UK, Commercial Property Insurance and more...  Find out more Here

The latest news reports that Rentguard are currently offering extremely competitive rates on purpose built flats. These policies can be quoted in-house without referral (up to a value of £2.5million) and can cover studios, apartments and whole blocks against all the standard perils.

Rentguard Insurance can provide instant quotations on individual or block policies to your customer for a wide range of let properties. This includes flats with wooden or concrete floors, 100% flat roofs and those let to people of independent means, students, asylum seekers, those receiving housing benefit and more. In addition to this, they also offer cover on HMOs and bedsits.

On a seasonal note Rentguard Insurance have produced a 2014 calendar in aid of the Stroke Unit at West Middlesex University Hospital (WMUH).

The calendar includes classic, stylish photos of the Rentguard team, with all proceeds going towards improving facilities at the hospital.
The staff at WMUH dedicate so much time and effort to provide the best support they can to help patients and their families, often through difficult and testing times.

As a company based nearby in Isleworth,Middlesex, Rentguard Insurance hope to do something positive to help them and the local community.

“By purchasing the calendar, you will be helping Rentguard Insurance give the hospital a helping hand,” says Rentguard Customer Service Agent Dayna Woodcock, who has been the driving force behind the calendar. 

The money raised will go directly towards funding foot stools, feeding pumps, drip stands, two manual blood pressure monitors and eating aids for use in the unit.

The RLA and FLS have both very kindly donated £250 towards the cause. Can you match it? Or perhaps do even better?

To find out more and reserve your copy of the calendar, please visit: 

UK rents at lowest amount since May 2013 according to latest HomeLet Insurance Rental Index

The November 2013 HomeLet Landlord and Tenant insurance Rental Index is now out.

It says that despite being 3.9% higher than last year, the average cost of renting a home in the UK is at its lowest amount since May 2013, according to new research.

New data from the November HomeLet Rental Index shows the UK's average rental amount now stands at £806 per month after lowering by 1.1% during November. This is the lowest amount recorded since May 2013, when UK tenants were paying an average of £787 per month to live in a rented home.

Other headlines from this month's report show:
•    The North West was home to the largest monthly and annual increases of 4.1% and 6.6% respectively. It now costs an average of £658 per month to rent a home in this region
•    Greater London saw a second consecutive monthly decrease in rental amounts. After lowering by 1.6%, it now costs an average of £1,263 per month to rent a home in the capital
•    There's been a 1.5% decrease in the percentage of employed tenants moving into a new rented home in the UK
•    The average age of tenants in the UK has increased for two consecutive years to 34.4 years

To see the the latest information Click on this Link

To find out more about the HomeLet Tenant rental products for the property you are renting or letting out, follow this Link Here

Tuesday 17 December 2013

Do not forget to take out your Questor Insurance products - Travel & Excess for Christmas & New Year

The Christmas holidays start next week, unless you are at school  or Uni and they either started last weekend or this weekend. 

There is still time to buy your Travel insurance or range of excess insurance products from Questor Insurance.

They offer the following insurance products:

Car Hire Excess Insurance  - Motor Home  Hire Excess Insurance - Camper Van Hire Excess InsuranceMinibus Hire Excess Insurance Van Hire Excess Insurance Car Club Excess InsuranceLifeStyle-Lite Excess Insurance Motor Excess Insurance - Golfing Travel InsuranceStandard Travel Insurance Winter Sports Travel InsuranceBack Packers Travel Insurance

So if you are off on your travels for Christmas or planning a trip in 2014 now is the time to arrange your insurance from Questor Insurance Services. You make all the arrangements direct with them on line...easy.

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Tuesday 10 December 2013

Intasure holiday home Insurance

Just been looking at the Intasure Insurance web site to see what countries they offer insurance for holiday homes.

It is possibly the time of year when the insurance for your holiday home is due and you might not have heard. They do do say "insurance that speaks your language" - Assuming your natural language is English.

Anyway the list of countries and flags on the left is extentisive to say the least - t  extensive to say the least - Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cape Verde, Croatia, Cyprus,Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, 
Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Romania,
Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE,
and the United Kingdom - that looks like most of Europe plus parts of Africa. 

So there must be a lot of holiday homes out there needing  insurance. They say that "Intasure has years of experience in the insurance industry and an enviable track record in creating pioneering new products to meet the needs of specialist markets"

They are building a significant international brand by offering a range of innovative insurance products and services that combine locally-tailored cover with the highest standards of UK knowledge and support. 

Intasure's insurance products combine flexiblility with comprehensive cover. All their policy documents are in English and a client can talk directly to a UK based English speaking support team. 

Intasure holiday home insurance policies are designed around the needs of property owners abroad and in the UK and combine locally tailored cover with the reassurance of English language documents and UK back-office service and support. This information came from Intasure, but you can find out more about them and get a quote today for your holiday home by following this link

By the way apart from Holiday Homes Insurance Intasure Insurance now offer Main residence insurance, Business insurance, buy to let, tenants and landlords insurance. Find out more Here

Saturday 16 November 2013

Staysure Insurance Urges all Travellers to Declare Pre-existing Medical Conditions to their Insurer

Going on holiday? Read this first then. There is a lack of understanding about which medical conditions to declare causing concern among mature travellers.

New research launched today by over 50s specialist insurance provider Staysure shows the majority of mature travellers are confused about which pre-existing medical conditions they need to declare when taking out travel insurance. Nearly a quarter of people (23%) thought they only needed to tell their insurer about any conditions for which they were currently receiving treatment, while a fifth (5%) thought they didn't need to tell their travel insurance provider anything at all about their medical history.

Worryingly the research reveals that less than one in five (19%) of over 50s were able to correctly identify that they needed to declare any medical conditions, injuries or symptoms that had given rise to any form of treatment or medication in the two years before taking out a travel insurance policy. Furthermore, just under a third (32%) were aware that the exception to this rule is any form of cardiovascular or circulatory condition, such as blood clots, which need to be declared to an insurer regardless of how long it is since they were diagnosed.

This lack of understanding has worrying implications as it could mean that over 50s are travelling without valid insurance which could result in claims being declined. For example, with less than half of over 50s (46%) aware of the need to declare asthma to their insurer, Staysure is warning of the dangers of travellers unwittingly rendering their insurance invalid.

Invalid travel insurance has the potential to be very costly; Staysure estimates the average bill for a hospital stay in a popular holiday destination such as Turkey or Spain can reach £4,000 for straight forward medical conditions and up to £12,000 for more serious conditions, requiring expensive investigations and treatment. In fact a sizeable minority of over 50s admitted they would not declare medical conditions to their insurer 1- perhaps linked to the fact that a third of people said they'd found it more costly to get insurance because of their medical conditions, which can be a false economy if you become ill and the illness is related to your medical condition.

Ryan Howsam, Chief Executive of Staysure Insurance, said: “Holidaymakers should be cautious travelling abroad without tailored travel insurance for their medical conditions. To make it easier and more cost effective for our customers, Staysure covers a huge variety of pre-existing medical conditions as part of our standard cover, so there is no need to avoid declaring conditions in a bid to keep the premium down. But our advice to any traveller is, if you’re in doubt, speak to your insurer so you can discuss what is classed as a ‘pre-existing medical condition’ and ensure it is fully covered on your policy. We urge everyone to declare their conditions at the point of purchase as it is far better to be safe than sorry and risk having a claim declined.”

Notes about this Press Release from Staysure Insurance:
1- 6% of those surveyed said they don’t / wouldn’t declare pre-existing medical conditions to their travel insurance providers - Source Sttaysure Insurance 

Find out more about Staysure the over 50's experts range of products including  Health insuranceTravel Insurance, Holiday Homes insurance, Home insurancePrivate Health insurance and Motor insurance Staysure Holidays and it is well worth visiting

Thursday 14 November 2013

Let us take care of your non-standard properties says Rentguard Insurance

I have received an email from Rentguard Insurance letting me know that they can take care of non-standard property insurance.

According to their email "Rentguard are pleased to announce the launch of a new residential property insurance product underwritten by Aviva, allowing us to offer cover on a vastly increased range of property types.

Our new home insurance policy covers non-standard properties and also those in high-risk areas, allowing you to offer greater choice to your clients and better cater for those with unusual personal circumstances
This policy covers homes of ‘non-standard construction’, including wooden houses and properties with metal, glass or 100% flat roofs. 

Furthermore, we can provide quotes on properties which have previously suffered subsidence, or which are situated in areas with a history of flooding.

This flexible approach means we can now offer cover to those working or trading from home, those with previous claims histories, histories of CCJs or bankruptcy and in some cases even criminal convictions.

Non-standard construction
History of flooding or subsidence

Working from home
History of CCJs or bankruptcy
Some criminal convictions
All crime areas
History of CCJs or bankruptcy

A straight ‘yes or no’
Some criminal convictions

Properties of any age

Why not visit Rentguard Insurance Here and access their website

Tuesday 12 November 2013

Staysure Insurance to recruit 33 more employees

Following on from the announcement that Staysure Insurance has appointed Julie Gledhill as Chief Financial Officer the company has announced that the company is recruiting for 33 new roles as it continues its rapid expansion following a period of phenomenal growth. This recruitment drive follows Staysure’s recent new board-level hires including a new Chairman who all join the existing 200 staff in the Northampton headquarters.

The newly created jobs will offer people from Staysure’s local Northamptonshire community the opportunity to work in one of the area’s leading businesses, with roles available as Sales Experts and Team Leaders.

Ryan Howsam, CEO says, “Staysure has achieved phenomenal growth over the last two years and we are really excited about the future. It is this continued growth that means we are recruiting more staff now to ensure our customers continue to get the best possible service.”

Launched in 2004, Staysure is one of the UK’s fastest growing insurance and financial service providers. Its primary focus has been offering competitive and tailored travel insurance with pre-existing medical condition cover, but the portfolio now expands to car, home, holiday home, life and health insurance all specifically designed and tailored to the over 50s consumer.

Its significant and rapid growth has secured it a place in the Fast Track 100 for the last three years running and it is confident there will be place in the top 100 again this year when the announcement is made in December. Turning over £30million in 2012, up from £19million in 2011, Staysure’s success and commitment in offering quality value-for-money insurance products and services to the 50 plus market, was further endorsed when it received ‘Best Travel Insurance Product’ in the Personal Finance Awards 2012/13 and more recently ‘Best Customer Service’ award in the 2013 UK Broker Awards.

Meanwhile, it has also been announced that following on from their win in 2012, that they are thrilled to announce that Staysure has once again received a nomination for ‘Best Travel Insurance Provider’ at the prestigious Personal Finance Awards

The personal Finance Awards are currently in their 16th year. They aim to recognise the very best businesses in the UK's personal finance market.
Getting back to the Staysure press release about the new jobs, CEO Ryan Howsam continues, "If you would like to join this fun, busy, dynamic and fast moving business then now is the time to apply. We offer flexibility and shifts to suit all lifestyles with an excellent salary and benefits package. 

The opportunities to progress within the business are encouraged giving employees the chance to successfully fulfil their chosen career paths. Sales experience would be an advantage but full training is given if you’re successful.” 

Cllr David Mackintosh, leader of Northampton Borough Council, said: “This is fantastic news and yet again demonstrates the confidence businesses have in our town’s future. Staysure is one of our bigger employers and has quickly become a major brand in its field. The new jobs being created through this expansion provide excellent opportunities for Northampton’s talented workforce.

“We will continue to work closely with firms like Staysure to make their aspirations a reality and we look forward to further announcements in due course.”

Next year the business plans to take on significantly larger premises in the town centre. This will allow it to expand even further and launch a further recruitment drive in 2014 which could see its staff count increase to over 400 employees and will include sales experts, team leaders, and managers. Source Staysure Insurance

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Thursday 31 October 2013

Staysure Insurance has appointed Julie Gledhill as Chief Financial Officer

Staysure, the market leading specialist insurance provider has announced the appointment of Julie Gledhill as Chief Financial Officer as the latest in a number of senior hires as the business continues with its impressive growth. 
Turning over £30million in 2012, up from £19million in 2011, Staysure’s success and commitment in offering quality value-for-money products and services to the 50 plus market, was further endorsed when it received ‘Best Travel Insurance Product’ in the Personal Finance Awards 2012/13 and more recently ‘Best Customer Service’ award in the 2013 UK Broker Awards.

Julie, who has recently remarried and has two children and two step children, has an impressive career history spanning both general insurance and travel, most recently in Finance Director roles at Thomas Cook where she was responsible for the financial operations of the chain’s several hundred branches and its website and latterly, the reporting for the UK business and the Finance Transformation programme. 

Prior to that, Julie was the Associate Finance Director at BGL Group, where she helped the business grow its annual profits from £4m to £56m, creating the UK’s largest privately owned personal lines insurance intermediary.

Her appointment at Staysure follows a series of board-level hires with Steve Ashton as Chairman, Andy Bord as Deputy Chief Executive, and Jonathan Cattle as Chief Technical Officer, joining the existing Executive team and 220 staff in the Northampton headquarters.

Launched in 2004, Staysure is one of the UK’s fastest growing insurance and financial service providers, and focuses on offering competitive products specifically designed for the over 50s consumer. Its significant and rapid growth has secured it a place in the Fast Track 100 for the last three years running and it is confident there will be place in the top 100 again this year when the announcement is made in December.

Ryan Howsam, Chief Executive Officer and owner of Staysure, said: “Julie’s appointment demonstrates the strength of talent and expertise of Staysure’s senior team. Working alongside Steve, Andy, Jonathan and the rest of senior management, Julie will play an integral part in helping Staysure achieve its ambitious growth plans. 

Staysure has an established loyal customer base and has become one of the biggest travel insurers specialising in pre-existing medical condition cover. We see significant opportunities in both our travel insurance business and expansion in to related products and services that will best serve our customers.” Source Staysure Insurance 30-10-13

Find out more about Staysure the over 50's experts range of products including  Health insuranceTravel Insurance, Holiday Homes insurance, Home insurancePrivate Health insurance and Motor insurance Staysure Holidays and it is well worth visiting

Saturday 19 October 2013

Are you thinking of going away for the Half Term Holidays?

The weather forecast in the south of England for the next week is generally wet. Some schools have already started their half term holiday break, but the majority start on the weekend of the 26th October.

It is certainly tempting to consider a break in a warmer sunnier climate to gear yourself for the next few months of longer dark evenings.  

Below is a check list of what you should consider whilst booking your holiday: 

  • Once  you have found that place in the sun and looked at flight times and prices, don't forget your Travel Insurance. Many airlines will lead you to a link on their website to a travel insurance company they have an arrangement with. Does that company always offer you the best price and cover? Alternatives can be found Here
  • If you are thinking of hiring a car it is best to make arrangements in advance. You can also cut back on extras by careful planning. Take your own Sat Nav, it might be cheaper to pay for taking your own child seats than hiring them from the car hire company. Be careful of the very cheap deals that mean you pick up the car full of fuel, paying the car hire company's fuel price and having to return it empty. In many cases it will be returned half full as you won't have used up all the expensive fuel you paid for. Find Car Hire Rental companies Here
  • So you have arranged the car hire what about the excess insurance. Unfortunately you will usually have to pay this and a lot of car hire companies make some of their profit in this area by selling an insurance policy that is rather expensive. In some cases you could be paying  around £250 for a week's insurance - £35 a day whereas buying it from an independent company you could be paying under £3 a day and just spend £21 for the week which means you can have extra spending money for the family. If you are taking a couple of holidays a year and hiring a car, it makes sense to take out an annual policy. These can start from around £38 a year. Find a selection of independent car hire excess companies Here. Some of these also offer Motorhome hire excess insurance, van hire excess insurance and minibus hire excess insurance as well.
  • Finally the weather - unfortunately that can never be relied on 100% but do some research before you make your plans. Most iphones have weather facities now and there are lots of weather websites that provide information on average temperatures, rainfall etc for the time of year. 

Friday 18 October 2013

Eric Pickles plans greater regulation of private rented sector

The Government has unveiled a package of proposals to improve regulation of the private rented housing sector, including establishment of a tenant’s charter.
Communities Secretary Eric Pickles is planning to force letting and property management agents to join a compulsory redress scheme, ensuring independent investigation of poor service and increasing the likelihood of compensation for badly treated residents.

Launched in response to a Communities and Local Government (CLG) Select Committee report into the private rented sector, the Government’s list of proposals includes publication of a code of practice setting standards for property management.

Pickles said that while he did not want to start ‘strangling’ the private rented sector with red tape, proposals would ‘sharpen the tools’ available to tenants and councils.
A new tenant’s charter will provide information for residents on what they can expect from their rental deals and highlight where action can be taken against hidden fees or poor standards.
Landlords could also be able to offer longer tenancies of three years or more following the introduction of a model tenancy agreement.

Pickles said: ‘Tenants deserve better value for money, and dodgy landlords should be under no illusion they can provide a shoddy service with impunity.

‘These measures will also give tenants the know-how to demand longer-term tenancies that cut costs and meet their needs - and when things do go wrong, the confidence to take action without fear of eviction or harassment.’

While supporting the proposals, Clive Betts, chair of the CLG Committee said it was ‘regrettable that the Government [had] declined to give local authorities the powers and freedom they need to improve housing in their areas.’ Source
Meanwhile earlier today it was announced that Rents have risen to record levels Rents across England and Wales hit record levels in September, with the average price paid by private tenants hitting £757 a month, according to research from property firm LSL Property Services .
• Average rents across England and Wales hit highest level ever recorded – at £757 per month
• Since September 2012 average rents rise 2.1%, up 1.8% over month since August
• On a monthly basis, tenant finances feel impact, with total late rent up by £31 million
• September sees strong tenant demand, with lettings activity up 9.2% in 12 months
Rents across England and Wales have overtaken all previous records, according to the latest Buy-to-Let Index from LSL Property Services plc, which owns the UK’s largest lettings agent network, including national chains Your Move and Reeds Rains and local agents like Intercounty and The JNP Partnership.(full details here)

Thursday 17 October 2013

Business in the Community's Ban the Box campaign endorsed by Unlock Charity

Unlock, the national charity for people with convictions  issued a press release on the 16th October to lend its support and endorsement to the ‘ban the box’ campaign, which is being led by Business in the Community. The aim of the campaign is to increase the opportunity for people with convictions to compete for jobs.

Christopher Stacey, Director (Services) at Unlock, said “We believe that that, by banning the box, employers are better able to consider convictions at a more appropriate stage in the recruitment process, and at the same time are able to give people with convictions a better opportunity to compete for jobs. Far too often we hear from people who are unable to get past the application part of a recruitment process simply because they have to tick ‘yes’ to the questions about convictions. For employers, the end goal has to be to try and find the best person for the job, and with over 9 million people in the UK with a criminal record, banning the box about convictions is one simple step towards this goal.”

“Critically, we believe that it’s important for this campaign to be led by the business community itself, and that’s why we are wholeheartedly behind BITC in their efforts to take this campaign forward. Behind the scenes, we are able to provide confidential advice, support and training to employers on how they can best put the principles of this campaign into practice in their company, using our knowledge and experience of working with both individuals who have convictions as well as employers who are actively looking to improve their recruitment policies and practices.”
“In so far as our own recruitment process, Unlock has banned the box for both paid and voluntary opportunities. We have a specific policy on the disclosure of convictions, where we explain to applicants that we do not ask about convictions at application stage. We provide individuals who are invited to interview with a self-disclosure form, which we ask them to complete and bring with them to their interview. At the end of the interview, we have a separate discussion where we ask questions about the information they have disclosed on this form, and we make it clear that this will only be considered once we have made a decision about whether they are the right person for the job.” Source Unlock

People and their families who have criminal convictions can find it very difficult in getting insurance. There are specialist insurance brokers who can assist and more information can be found here

Friday 11 October 2013

Questor Insurance comments on Business travel spending set to increase across Western Europe

Vehicle hire and travel insurance specialist Questor Insurance highlights figures which reveal that business travel spending in Western Europe is set to soar in 2014.

According to figures from the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) spending on business travel within the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain is forecasted to climb by 3.4%* next year, an increase which may be set to come about as a result of improvements to the global economy.

Recent estimates from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) have revealed that German economy (0.7%) and French economy (0.3%) will grow this year**

The GBTA BTI Outlook revealed that the predicted growth in business travel spending across these five markets, if realised, will be the highest seen since the recession.

While business travel spending across Western Europe has been stagnant in 2013, the UK has bucked this trend with a forecasted increase of 1.6% this year to £25.7bn. The research also revealed that international outbound travel will continue to fare better than domestic travel in the UK this year.

In contrast, Spain, Italy and France have all recorded falls in their business travel markets this year. This decline was the most marked in Spain, one of the countries that has been hit hard by the Eurozone crisis, with business travel markets contracting by 6.7% this year.

Commenting, Questor Insurance CEO Andrew Lawrence, said: “As the world economy improves, more ties may be forged between countries around the globe. “Increased international trade will naturally demand more business travel. That is why it is so important for workers across the world to secure business travel insurance. Those who are hiring a car abroad as part of their work trip should also consider taking out car hire excess insurance in advance, to avoid hefty excess charges that could eat into their business budget.”

Buy your business travel insurance and car hire excess insurance from Questor Insurance today.



Questor Insurance’s ‘Be Holiday Savvy’ campaign is running from June to October and will provide travellers with a wealth of handy hints and tips to make the process of planning and executing their foreign holiday that much smoother.

Questor Insurance Services Limited are an independent privately owned insurance intermediary that is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The company designs and distributes niche insurance products for global markets at the same time providing great customer service via a dedicated in-house team.

Questor's mission is to provide their clients with the best niche insurance products and client service. They do this by designing their own insurance products, building their own software and by providing detailed and ongoing training to their staff.

They pride themselves on providing the personal touch to customers, they can telephone, email or make contact through Questor Insurance's  Live Chat application. Whichever way a customer makes contact with Questor Insurance they will always find that the staff are ready to go the extra mile to assist.

Questor Insurance also supports its customers through the claim process. They have access to the Underwriter's claim systems so that they can provide their customers with updates on their claim and they meet with the claim handlers regularly to discuss servicing issues. Questor Insurance Services are also in the process of developing what will be an industry-leading claims platform to streamline the claims process even further to the benefit of customers.

Questor Insurance currently offers insurance in three product classes, Vehicle Hire Excess, Travel Insurance and Excess Protection.

The company started trading back in August 2007 having received their authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority’s predecessor in July 2007. They are a dynamic innovative business with committed staff which translates into a great business.  Their products are supplied retail to this website and wholesale to other sites. Source Questor Insurance Services Press Release 11-10-13

Thursday 10 October 2013

Questor Insurance comments on Consumers receiving £187 million a day in insurance payouts

Vehicle hire and travel insurance specialist Questor Insurance have highlighted figures which show that insurers have paid out a staggering £187 million a day to their customers* in a press release from the 9th October 2013
The figures from the Association of British Insurer’s (ABI) UK Insurance Key Facts 2013 demonstrate the pivotal role that insurers play in consumers’ lives, and the contribution they make to the UK economy as a whole.

According to the data from the ABI, investment and savings policies made up the biggest share of the insurance payout pot at £57.5 million a day. This was followed by pension annuity payments (£37.1 million), protection policies such as critical illness and life insurance (£36.1 million a day) and motor insurance policies (£19.1 million).

Otto Thoresen, ABI’s Director General, argued that the above figures demonstrate that “Insurance is woven into the fabric of our society”, with nine out of ten households having at least one insurance policy in place.

Travellers also received £1 million a day under their insurance policies, revealing that benefit of taking travel insurance out before your holiday, and the crucial part it can play in providing cover should things go wrong on your break abroad

According to official figures from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), here are just some of the costs that those heading to foreign climes could face, if they haven’t secured a travel insurance policy for their trip.

  •     £35-45,000 - air ambulance from USA’s East coast
  •     £12-16,000 - air ambulance from the Canary Islands
  •     £15-20,000 - scheduled flight, stretcher and doctor escort from Australia (figures supplied by FirstAssist Services Ltd)**

Commenting, Questor Insurance CEO Andrew Lawrence, said: “While consumers may be making cut backs in an effort to make ends meet, travel insurance is a worthwhile investment.
“While travel insurance can cost from just a few pounds a day, emergency medical expenses and more can run into the thousands.”

Buy your travel insurance from Questor Insurance today

Questor Insurance’s ‘Be Holiday Savvy’ campaign is running from June to October and will provide travellers with a wealth of handy hints and tips to make the process of planning and executing their foreign holiday that much smoother.


.**    Source: Questor Insurance October 2013

Article on buying a property in Spain in Living Spain

I have just been reading through Christopher Nye's interesting article "House buying in Spain" in the autumn 2013 edition of  Living Spain magazine.

One area that was not mentioned was once you have purchased that Spanish property (and it appears from the media generally at the moment there is a good choice and bargains about) what do you do about the insurance.

Going through the Intasure Insurance stats for this year there have been a lot of people who have property in Spain taking out new Intersare insurance policies or renewing them.

It looks like buying in Spain can be complicated (as in many countries) and It makes great sense when you can talk to an advisor if you need to in your own language.

Intasure insurance covers holiday home owners in a large number of countries. They also offer main residence insurance. So if you live permanently in a country like Spain, Ireland, England etc you just take out the policy with them. 

Going through through the stats further today, it looks like customers from many other countries have purchased via the dedicated links on the various jml Insurance websites - Italy, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, South Africa, Cyprus, Turkey, Portugal, Germany, Malta, France, Bulgaria and the UK.

As you will want to find out more visit Intasure Insurance Here 

Remember they also are involved with business insurance, Holiday cabin and chalet insurance and for the UK property rental market (including holiday homes of course) Landlord and Tenant insurance products. 

Do you live in a block of apartments / flats in the UK? They offer products for this area as well. Find out more Here

Monday 7 October 2013

Rentguard Insurance have two excellent guides

Rentguard Insurance have two very useful guides available on line.

The first is their latest edition of "Property Care" which covers tips for property care and maintenance. This covers all aspects of the average property - Roof, attic, walls, doors and windows, security, kitchen, laundry area, bathrooms, central heating, electrics and gas. 

There are also sections on pipes, drains and the garden. See the Guide Here 

As Rentguard sells a great amount of Landlord insurance products it makes sense that have a specialist guide for Landlords. This is "Landlord Good Practice Guide".

This is a very comprehensive easy to read guide that covers everything from: Preparing a property - knowledge of the law - Resident landlords letting or sharing out part of their home - Energy Perfromance Certificates (EPC) - Deposits - Insurance naturally - Inventories and maintenance issues +. See the Guide Here

Rentguard Insurance offers a large selection of property related products :

Landlords Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance

Legal Expenses with/without Rent Guarantee Insurance

For Owners (Private Residences)

For Tenants

Holiday Home Insurance

Landlord HMO Insurance 

Home Insurance

Portfolio and Blocks of Flats Insurance Insurance

Friday 27 September 2013

Martin Totty has been appointed CEO of the Barbon Insurance Group

Martin Totty has been appointed CEO of the Barbon Insurance Group replacing Ian Sutherland who was the acting CEO.

Martin Totty was previously the CEO at First Assist Insurance Services.

The Barbon Insurance Group owns three of the the most prominent landlord and tenant insurance companies, HomeLet, Rentshield Direct and Letsure. It is also is involved in the commercial property sector with companies including Farr, Zenor, Cadogan Keelan Westall and Deacon. 

jml Property Services have been marketing Letsure insurance products on their websites since 2002 and unfortunately have had to remove them this week as they have changed their terms of business and will not be paying commission on renewals. It is a great shame as the writer of this blog had been using Letsure referencing services and insurance products to landlords and tenants since the 1980s in the lettings business in Buckinghamshire and Middlesex. Rentshield Direct has also been removed.

 HomeLet insurance is still being marketed on the sites. The relationship goes back to 2002 and Landlord and Tenant insurance products are well promoted. Over they years hundreds of landlords and tenants have reached HomeLet by following the links on various jml sites

You too can find out more about HomeLet Landlord and Tenant Rental Property Insurance HERE