Thursday, 14 November 2013

Let us take care of your non-standard properties says Rentguard Insurance

I have received an email from Rentguard Insurance letting me know that they can take care of non-standard property insurance.

According to their email "Rentguard are pleased to announce the launch of a new residential property insurance product underwritten by Aviva, allowing us to offer cover on a vastly increased range of property types.

Our new home insurance policy covers non-standard properties and also those in high-risk areas, allowing you to offer greater choice to your clients and better cater for those with unusual personal circumstances
This policy covers homes of ‘non-standard construction’, including wooden houses and properties with metal, glass or 100% flat roofs. 

Furthermore, we can provide quotes on properties which have previously suffered subsidence, or which are situated in areas with a history of flooding.

This flexible approach means we can now offer cover to those working or trading from home, those with previous claims histories, histories of CCJs or bankruptcy and in some cases even criminal convictions.

Non-standard construction
History of flooding or subsidence

Working from home
History of CCJs or bankruptcy
Some criminal convictions
All crime areas
History of CCJs or bankruptcy

A straight ‘yes or no’
Some criminal convictions

Properties of any age

Why not visit Rentguard Insurance Here and access their website

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