Monday 28 June 2010

Car Insurance Men and women even crash differently

24th June 2010

Men and women may continue to argue about who are the better drivers, but one area where there is a clear difference between the sexes is the type of accidents they have in their cars.

Research by women’s car insurance specialist, Diamond has found there are certain types of accidents women are more likely than men to be involved in.

The list for women includes accidents in car parks, bumps on roundabouts and prangs at traffic lights. On the other hand, male motorists are more likely than female motorists to have a head on collision, drive their car up or down an embankment or hit a crash barrier.

Diamond studied data from over two million accidents over five years and found a marked difference between the types of accidents men and women have.

Sian Lewis, managing director of Diamond, said: "We hold a vast amount of data on accidents and wanted to see if there was a difference between the sexes.

“It soon became clear that there was; women tend to be in more accidents at slower speeds, where cars are close together, while men have more high-speed accidents where it is easy to lose control.

"Our research suggests the way men and women drive is different. Possibly men drive faster and more aggressively than women, while women are more easily distracted than men behind the wheel of car."

In fact, it isn’t just accidents where men and women motorists differ. There are differences when it come to other claims too; overall women are more likely to have their car broken into and have something inside stolen. However men are more likely to have their car stolen outright.

Men’s cars are also more likely to catch fire than women’s and they’re more likely to drive through a flood. Men are also more likely than women to claim for fuel contamination.

Sian Lewis continues: "It’s very strange that men’s cars are more likely to catch fire than women’s. I can’t explain why that would happen. But one reason why women are more likely to have their car broken into is perhaps because they’re more likely to leave expensive items like their handbag or sunglasses on show than men."

Types of claims more common among women:

Hitting another vehicle in the rear

Hitting another vehicle from a minor road

Reversed into another vehicle

Collision on roundabout

Collision in car park

Theft from vehicle

Hitting a wall

Hitting a lamp post

Collision at traffic light junction

Hitting a cyclist

Types of claims more common among men:

Changing lanes and hitting another vehicle

Driving up or down an embankment

Vehicle stolen

Hitting a crash barrier

Hitting an animal

Head of collision with another vehicle

Hitting a tree

Driven through flood

Vehicle caught fire

Fuel contamination

1. Diamond is the official volunteer partner of Race for Life 2010.

2. Diamond launched in 1997, when it was clear that there was a place for a woman only car insurance specialist, and has led the way for similar companies to follow. Diamond has been able to offer women cheaper car insurance for 11 years because on the whole women’s car insurance claims, cost less than men’s. We understand what women motorists want from their insurance, and meet their needs by offering great service and a great price. We do not refuse to give insurance quotes to men and are more than happy to provide a quote if requested.

3. Diamond spearheaded the campaign against gender equalisation. The EU wanted to remove the use of gender when calculating car insurance costs, and Diamond campaigned solidly for months, providing a House of Lords enquiry evidence to support our claims that, women were safer drivers and should pay less

Source: Diamond Car insurance

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Saturday 26 June 2010

HomeLet Insurance & Martin & Co Landlord Rent Guarantee Product

In July 2008 letting agents Martin & Co has signed an exclusive three-year deal with HomeLet - the market-leading insurance provider for the lettings industry.

It has just been announced that HomeLet is to develop a new rent guarantee product for landlords for Martin and Co clients. Martin & Co Promise provides 100% of the monthly rent paid for up to five months from the first arrears. It also covers legal expenses for evictions, regardless of how many tenants occupy a property, and once an eviction has taken place the landlord receives 75% of rent for two months, if no new tenant is found.

Commenting on the launch, HomeLet managing director, John Boyle, says: “The buy-to-let market offers a fantastic opportunity for long-term investors, but all too often you hear stories of landlords losing thousands of pounds in missed rental payments.”

Find out more about this at: with information on "a record breaking number of renewals for Martin & Co"

Any Landlord or Tenant can buy HomeLet Landlord Insurance - HomeLet Landlords Porfolio Insurance - Tenants Insurance (subject to HomeLet's terms and conditions) For more information visit the HomeLet site at

Thursday 24 June 2010

Staysure insurance launch event Costa del Sol Spain

Friday 18th June 2010 saw the launch of the first specialist range of over 50s ex-pat products held by Staysure insurance. The event held at the company’s new international office in El Rosario, Marbella showcased Staysure’s new travel, health, home and holiday home insurance products as well as funeral plans targeted at the expanding expat market throughout Europe.

Guests mingled with Staysure insurance friendly team and received guidance from the over 50s experts over drinks and tapas.
Olivia Skeen, Marketing Manager at Staysure said “As the first over 50s company to launch specialist insurance for the expat market, the turnout demonstrates the need in the market place for such products.

“We are really trying to make life easier for expats with our new call centre on the Costa del Sol. It will be staffed entirely with expat UK citizens who are trained to Financial Services Authority standards and have a genuine firsthand knowledge of life overseas.”
From prices quoted below are for an average 50 year old

Expat Travel prices from €3.69 (single trip Europe)
Expat Private health insurance for over 50s from €60 per month
Expat Home insurance from €123 (building and contents)
Expat Holiday home insurance from €123 (building and contents)

For more information about Staysure’s expat insurance products visit or

When the computer says no unoccupied property

Supplied by an insurance broker. Vacant property insurance situation - A client's problem with an insurance company

Regarding the experience with the insurance company, basically, when I rang to transfer the existing policy in to my husband's name (as his aunt died in February this year) they advised the existing policy would have to be cancelled and a new one issued. As the policy did not expire until February 2011 they would issue a refund.

I then advised the representative that since their policy holder died on the 10 February, the property was unoccupied. Once again, I was advised that there's a clause stating the property could only be left unoccupied for up to 45 days and after that the policy becomes invalid.

I was then told that they don't insure empty properties, I asked why not and they said it was a higher risk, and I commented that surely empty properties are at higher risk and are in more need of property insurance - the insurance company's representative just kept repeating the same thing from her script that properties could remain empty for up to 45 days but anything longer then the policy would become invalid and that they did not insure empty properties.

She did however confirm that they would offer to quote for household insurance to any subsequent purchaser of the subject property despite the previous flooding claim and any potential flood risk.

I told her again to cancel the policy, but said that she could not cancel the policy until receipt of a copy of the death certificate and a written request along with proof that my Husband, Ian, was the executor. To this end, although I'm very reluctant and uncomfortable doing so, I have to forward a copy of the will as this is the only document we have stating that Ian is the executor. Upon receipt of this documentation she will then be in a position to issue a refund.

By this time (moreorless an hour later) I was getting rather hacked off, so told her to forget the refund and just cancel the policy, to which she replied that she could not cancel the policy without written notification.

I think I sighed heavily at this point, gave in and said that I would do as she asked but surely there must be something they could do for empty properties. At this point she put me on hold for several minutes (adding to my ever increasing phone bill) When she eventually took me off hold, she suggested that she redirect me to some organisation (who apparently specialised in high risk insurance), which she did, the phone rang out and then an automated voice message said I was being transferred - the phone rang with a very odd short tone for about 5 minutes (again, I expect a premium rated call!!) and then just cut off - resulting in my patience and temper at its limit, and no doubt a very expensive phone bill.

I then proceeded to search the internet for unoccupied property insurance and as the subject property was a victim of flooding in 2007, Flood insurance cover, which is where you came in and managed to get me on cover in 5 minutes without any fuss.

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Irish Dept Of Finance warned of Property Bubble

The Irish Times of the 24th June 2010 has a headline "Department says it warned of property bubble"

According to the newspaper The Department of Finance says it warned the Government from 2005 onwards about the dangers of a"property bubble"

Internal official documents show this under the Freedom of Information Act.
Briefing material prepared for the department’s secretary general Kevin Cardiff last month states that the department warned over several years that the “over-emphasis on construction left the economy vulnerable to macroeconomic shocks”.

It also defends the department’s performance in failing to forecast the extent of the downturn, and points to similar failures by institutions such as the ESRI, Central Bank and the private sector to predict the magnitude of the slowdown.

The material was prepared for the secretary general ahead of his appearance before the Oireachtas Public Accounts Committee just over a month ago.- Info Car O'Brien at The Irish Times Full report at or l

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Sunday 20 June 2010

UK Budget June 10 good or bad news for Landlords?

We have just issued a News Release today "Stormy weather ahead for Landlords in June Budget"

Owners of investment properties could suffer in a number of ways in the Budget on Tuesday.Higher VAT, Higher Capital Gains tax, Higher unemployment and then more tenants unable to pay their rent.

Might be worthwhile taking out Landlords Rent Guarantee Insurance to help with the third case situation. Great choice of providers advertising on the jml-property-insurance site - HomeLet, Letsure, Endsleigh, Rentguard and Simple.

See the full Press Release Here

Government re-think on draconian shared housing rules welcomed by NLA

Following a campaign by the National Landlords Association (NLA), the Government has today announced it will be looking to end blanket shared housing planning regulations in favour of a more targeted approach.

Local authorities will need to tailor recent shared housing planning rule changes to areas where high concentrations of shared housing are causing problems.

Today’s Government announcement of a consultation is designed to ensure new rules work effectively for local people without placing an unnecessary burden on landlords and local planning authorities. The current need for landlords to apply for planning permission for their shared rental properties continues to cause major confusion across the UK.

See The National Landlords Association Press Release in full Here

jml Property Services are members of the NLA - National Landlords Association

Saturday 19 June 2010

Retirement Blocks Insurance

Retirement Blocks Insurance by Colin Jones

Information below has been submitted by a contributor to this blog. The identies to the companies have been changed.

In leasehold blocks, it is the landlord's responsibility to arrange buildings insurance - though of course, as with everything else, it is the residents who pay.

Where "Company X" is the management company, they use their sister company "Company Y" - also part of the same Group - as broker to arrange insurance and offer claims-handling support.

Over the past couple of years, leaseholders have become aware of the high commissions which have been charged by "Company Y". In fact, "Company Y" does not do the work of finding a suitable insurance company - they pass this task onto "insurance brokers M", who charge a reasonable commission of 3.45% for this work.

For the work "Company Y" has done on claims-handling assistance, however, they have historically charged commissions as high as 33.05%,THIS IS A SCAM AS THE INDUSTRY DOES NOT WORK IN THAT WAY nearly 10 times that charged by "insurance brokers M".

However, interestingly, for what would logically seem to be the same volume of work each year, commissions have varied widely. "Company Y" has tried to "justify" this by saying that, when the business was transferred to "insurance provider ABC", they were required by insurance provider ABC to beef up their systems and back-office resources to fulfill additional functions so demanded a higher commission (33.3%) to pay for this.

Leaseholders were not told that this would be the consequence of transferring the business to insurance provider ABC and the increased commission was not disclosed. Why should leaseholders have to pay for "Company Y" to re-equip its own business? That's their shareholders responsibility.

Basically the book of business was put out to tender to various insurers, "insurance provider ABC" would have won as they paid the highest commission any equipment or re equip "insurance provider ABC" would ?! fund as part of the deal !!!

Six months ago, following a spate of complaints "Company Y" undertook, in writing, to a number of members, that commissions would be reduced to 5% if the commissions reduce so should the premium or do they just run 2 sets of accounts !! in the current (09/10) year.

This appears not to have happened. Instead "Company X" has recently announced that in future "Commissions will be a transparent figure of 14%", (which rather implies that their previous practices were anything but 'transparent').AGREE BUT STILL FISHY

I do not believe that any Managing Agent should profit by placing insurance on behalf of leaseholders and paid for by leaseholders AS THEY TAKE A MANAGEMENT FEE TOO. If there is a modest amount of administration involved, this should be covered within the overall management fee. Leaseholders can then compare one manager's charges with another "transparently", without the undisclosed commissions and kick-backs buried in the insurance premium and other service costs.


There are two official channels for taking complaints:

1. Leaseholders Valuation Tribunals. There is a fee for using LVTs.

2. Financial Ombudsman Service (because "Company Y" would be financially regulated). This is a free service.





Whichever route you decide to take, you must complain to your Block Management Company's insurance broker first IN WRITTING AND SEND LETTERS BY RECORDED DELIVERY ALWAYS KEEP COPIES REMEMBER PHONE CONVERSATION DO NOT COUNT IN COURT ! , to give them an opportunity for redress. Some of you may already have had success obtaining direct redress from the Block Management Company. If so add a cooment on this blog.

As far as the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is concerned, you must first obtain a 'deadlock letter' from your Block Management Company's insurance broker, to prove you have done all you can to reach a satisfactory resolution, before they will look at your case.

The question of your right to take a case to FOS is not entirely straightforward, as leaseholders are not the Block Management Company's insurance broker's direct customers. However, leaseholders are beneficiaries of the buildings insurance policy and pay the premium, so you should be entitled to use the service. Make sure you make this point if you write to the FOS. If anyone has successfully complained to FOS, please can you let me know via this blog. Similarly, if you have tried to use FOS, but had your case rejected, I would like to know about that too.


With respect to Leaseholders' Valuation Tribunals, we have found three cases which are relevant. Two relate to an organisation in this blog article and all three awarded refunds. Although LVT decisions don't create precedents, other LVTs do take them into account when considering other cases. They also give a guide to commission figures considered reasonable by the Tribunals.

Here they are:

1. Leaseholders Valuation Tribunal . This is directly relevant to the position leaseholders in "Company X" managed developments have found themselves, with "Company Y" EARNING - charging commissions as high as 33.05%. The Tribunal found:

".... real concerns about the insurance commission." (para 60), and could not be satisfied that the commission to "Company Y" was reasonably incurred (para 62). It therefore disallowed the commission for the previous seven years. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE FEES ON TOP OF THE INSURANCE COMMISSIONS TOO?

2. LVT was not actually against "Company Y", but another broker linked to a managing agent, and is therefore relevant on a point of principle. This Tribunal considered that the commission charged had been too high, and that 10% was the maximum acceptable figure (para 3).












Friday 18 June 2010

Insurance cover affects the socially excluded



There are still major insurance issues faced by an estimated, eight million UK, and Northern Ireland residents who have a current unspent criminal conviction that may stop them starting either a business or going about their every lives thus contributing to society.

Similar issues are faced by bankrupts and those with adverse credit history

Mainstream Insurers are either refusing them Insurance or restricting cover including Employers Liability which is a requirement by Law

For those venturing out with a new enterprise, or still trying to get the correct cover including Public Liability cover, as well as cover for the business assets

Many would be clients of insurers maybe unsure or unaware that there is a DUTY OF THE POLICYHOLDER TO DISCLOSE MATERIAL FACTS THAT COULD AFFECT THE POLICY

For example a MATERIAL FACT that must be disclosed relates to criminal convictions

With Insurance becoming an automated process either being bought via the internet or at call centres manned by staff that may not have vast experience the important issues of disclosing material facts is often never pointed out

The fact that the Internet type policies are offered at perhaps slightly unrealistically low rates without checking on convictions etc is also affecting the Insurance Premium Tax revenue as well

It is muted that insurers may be taking on risks that will be invalidated when claims occur and the conviction is brought to light

Perhaps this is an explanation as to how those insurers can cut the premiums is that there are a substantial number of the total policies sold that will not pay out in the event of a claim as they can just be invalided due to the conviction. Figures from the Financial Ombudsman Service are indicating a greater number of complaints of this nature

. This matter has been raised with insurance industry via the Financial Services Authority, the British Insurance Brokers Association and the Association of British Insurers But no real action is being taken to solve the problem OF NOT TREATING POLICYHOLDERS FAIRLY

. It has been proven by a number of ex offender organisations that this issue is in fact a reality, either the main stream insurers go out of there way to hide the fact that convictions are to be disclosed or when the policyholder does disclosure they are refused cover or given a poor service .


Q What are the problems faced by ex offenders looking for insurance?

Many ex offenders are unaware that they must disclose any unspent criminal conviction no matter how minor on an insurance proposal form. Do not be fooled, just because an insurer does not ask if you have any convictions, does not mean you do not need to disclose them. Unless all your convictions are declared and agreed in writing with an insurer, any claim against the policy may be refused. You could even be charged with attempting to defraud the insurers for non-disclosure of a conviction and potentially face another conviction.

Anyone who has, or lives with anyone who has, any unspent conviction should always read insurance policies carefully. Be on the lookout for the phrase “DO YOU OR ANY MEMBER OF THE FAMILY HAVE UNSPENT CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS?” Remember it is when you come to make a claim that things can go very wrong.

When insurance cover is cancelled for non-disclosure of a conviction you will be unable to make a claim on the policy.

Q Why do ex-offenders face issues with insurance?

It has long been considered that someone with a conviction is a bad risk, although this attitude has never been proved. It just seems to be an unwritten rule in insurance. A more enlightened approach to insurance not only for ex offenders but also individuals with adverse credit has been hard to find. Mainstream comparison websites have offered little or no assistance in this area,

Q What can ex offenders do to help reduce their insurance premium?

Firstly do not waste money buying a worthless policy without disclosure! Be honest disclosing convictions to the right insurance broker should not cause a problem. Correct disclosure does not always mean increased insurance premiums but it defiantly means you are insured.

Q What do you think the future holds for ex offenders facing insurance issues?

The Financial Services Authority has been aware of the bad practice of unfairly treating ex offenders and other socially or financially excluded groups. Current figures suggest there are 8 million people in the UK with unspent criminal convictions, which consequently affects other family members.


.Due to these insurers relying on high volume sales they have adopted, rather than the traditional policy method of issuing a comprehensive proposal form for the policyholder to complete they use what is referred to as assumptions. A standard statement set that the policyholder should read and understand prior to purchasing the policy. Within this assumption there are words similar to “Neither you nor any member have an unspent criminal conviction” as well as other facts that will affect the validity of the policy.

. The problem this causes is that it compounds the confusion of the policyholder as rather than making clear from the outset that the insurer will not or cannot accept risks where a Criminal or bankruptcy situation is disclosed it is done at final point of sale. Also at that late stage a point the policyholder cannot understand

. A better practice will be making it compulsory with all online/telesales insurance purchased that the “standard statement” is highlighted before the purchase even begins and when the policyholder confirms they do not comply the quote process ceases and they should be re directed to a specialist provider who will cater for them after full disclosure . There was a working party group formed by the consortium of online insurance aggregators and insurers who had this matter on their agenda after regulatory pressure. The group did not last very long and in fact did not ever actively function

. Private sector/ Government departmental misconception

Those organisations working with ex offenders cannot or do not understand the issue actually exists as it is not part of their operating remit or practice

.Public misconception. The public in truth only have a vague understanding of the insurance process ridded with hearsay and miss conception/ urban myths so a great need of re education is needed about DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL FACTS, also that it is possible to obtain insurance with criminal convictions and that importantly when dealt with by specialist providers who are socially aware and are truly ethical.

Also that in truth it should cost the same premium with disclosure as it does without the public fear is that if they do disclose the premium will become un affordable which is in fact should not be the case


The mainstream insurers must be forced to act fairly with clients and cease using public lack of awareness or ignorance as means to sell them worthless cover and be more forthright about the risks they can accept and those they cannot IE ensuring the “standard statement” precludes any cover purchase and that they work with specialist providers who can

There is also a huge need for organisations working with ex offenders to understand the issue so that the correct guidance is given at point of prosecution & rehabilitation.


Thursday 17 June 2010

Public & Employers Liability Insurance

If you are trading as a self employed trader or Limited company and work within any business whether it is Building/Construction related or installations you may be required by your client to obtain Public Liability Cover.

This covers you for damage that you may cause to third party property which may not be deliberate. Normal the cover will exclude the item being worked on as well, as that is what the client is paying for and any damage most be made good by the contractor.

If you employ staff you will require Employers Liability as well (this is a legal requirement.)this is a requirement if you are employing Sub Contractors where you supply the materials and they just supply the Labour. See
In fact there are many case where the contractor needs the cover but doesn't have any.

For the General Public

Would you allow a person to work on your property that does not have the correct cover?
Does your home insurance have a clause stating all contractors must have £2 million public liability insurance. Most have a endorsement but do check your policy wordings.

1. Ask a contractor to prove he has insurance? See a copy of his policy schedule (If no insurance cover or they don't wish to show it, or, can't walk away.)
2. Check the dates on the policy does it cover the period when they are doing the work?
3. Is the person/ company doing the work or sub contracting it out? If there is more than one worker make sure there is Employers Liability as well.
4. If you have major works being carried out have a schedule of works written up by the surveyor.

Remember these are guidelines and its up to you to make the decision!

The occupations that can be covered include the following: Builders, Roofers, Plasterers, Scaffolders,Painters and decorators, Plumbers, Florists, Mortgage Brokers, Website Designers, Computer consultants, Domestic Cleaners, Industrial Cleaners, Window Cleaners, Groundworkers, Aerial Erectors, Alarm Installers, Artists, Bricklayers, Car Valeters, Carpenters & Joiners, Dog Groomers, Dog walkers, Domestic Appliance Engineers, Fencing Contractors, Electricians, Glaziers, Flooring Contractor, Fitness Instructors, Hairdressers, Kitchen Installers, Music Teachers, Nail Technicians, Heating Engineers, Photographers, Professional Occupation, Accountants, Bookkeepers, Architects, Estate Agents, Property Maintenance Contractors

For more information: Visit:

Policy holders face the backlash of the floods

Although the Association of British Insurers and all the member insurance companies did a great deal

to help the victims of floods in Cumbria and surrounding areas. As they did for earlier victims of floods.

Policyholders of both residential policies and businesses could be in for an unpleasant surprise when they get their renewal notices ! Its not only those in the obvious recent flood areas that need to be cautious ! Although in a famous BBC interview last year, coming soon to a screen near you.

They did pledge 3 things :




The specialist providers advertising on the jml Insurance website are seeing a vast increase in the number of clients you being refused cover at renewal or at best being charged sky high premiums with excesses for flood damage in excess of £5000. So this promise from the ABI is not working.

Think also of the additional implications, if your excess for flood is over £5000 your mortgage company have the right to foreclose the mortgage and if you are refused flood cover all together in truth the mortgage is void!!!!!

Worse still if you sell the buyer wont get cover so you are stuck with a worthless property !!

HOWEVER if your property is in an area highlighted by the Environment agency as being at risk of a possible! Flood cases has been seen were the last time as area was flooded was perhaps over 20 years ago you will in fact face the same problem !

Your insurers may decline to offer renewal or vastly increase the premium and with most segments of the insurance industry following the same pattern you will find it almost impossible to get cover

A case was reported the other day of client who’s house was affected during the heavy rains of 5 years ago although it was definitely a storm damage claim as the gutters on his home could not cope it was marked indelibly on the claims records as a flood claim and until he found cover from our specialist providers he could not sell the house unlike the rest of the insurance industry, once you buy a policy from our providers it will pass to future buyers

The country is still in the brink of financial trouble with businesses and home owners doing everything they can to stay afloat high insurance premiums are becoming a major issue that cannot be afforded.

On a regular basis the specialist provider advertising on the jml Insurance website offer quotations with all the cover required without issues about flood at premiums that are lower than the rest of the market.

Tuesday 15 June 2010

Mundys in Lincoln strenghten Management Team

Mundys Finds Strength from Within

Award-winning estate agency Mundys in Lincoln has strengthened its senior management team by making two of its most committed and talented staff members associates.

Chris Laughton (30) and Hymie Bentley (27) (pictured left) have worked at Mundys for a combined total of 12 years and in that time they have progressed through the ranks.

Chris started working for the firm as an accompanied viewer in 2003 before being promoted to negotiator, senior negotiator and then valuer in 2009. He is currently studying for a Diploma in Residential Estate Agency (DipREA) and has taken over the management of the sales team while Residential Sales Manager Vicki Wilkinson is on maternity leave.

Hymie started as a residential sales negotiator before becoming Lettings Director where he has overseen key service standard improvements and a significant growth in business.

After undertaking studies through the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors over recent years, he will shortly qualify as a Chartered Surveyor. He said: “I’ve really enjoyed working with people on a day-to-day basis during the most important transaction of their lives and it’s also been great to see the Lettings Department grow so significantly.”

Senior Partner Philip Barnatt said: “Becoming an associate is a fantastic achievement and the position is reserved for employees who have been with Mundys for some time and have greatly contributed to the success of the company.

“It’s a reward for people who have the Mundys ethos at heart, have used their initiative to come up with new ideas and are wholly committed to the further growth and positive enhancement of the business.

“Hymie for example has taken on responsibility for the running of our Lettings Department and managed to improve our already high standards of customer service while Chris has been invaluable in helping Mundys keep up to date with new IT.

“He has made huge strides in the positive use of computer and telephone technology, including making effective use of social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as helping to drive forward the Residential Sales Department.”

Following this well deserved achievement, the partners are sure that Chris and Hymie will provide further enhancement to the Mundys management team and continued development.

Mundys was named the Best Estate Agency in Lincolnshire for the second year running after winning five stars in the prestigious Daily Mail UK Property Awards in October 2009.

Mundys Residential Lettings Department has been ranked as the third-best letting agents in the East Midlands region at the recent UK Estate Agent and Letting Agent of the Year Awards 2010

Sunday 13 June 2010

HomeLet sponsors Bloom Apprenticeship Academy for Estate and Letting Agents

11th June 2010

HomeLet, the specialist land and tenant insurance provider and tenant referencing service, has announced that it is to sponsor the Bloom Apprenticeship Academy for Estate and Letting Agents

The Apprenticeship Academy, which launches with its first intake of young people in October in Birmingham, aims to deliver the next generation of well educated, commercially-aware estate and letting agents to help promote professionalism in the industry.

Working in close partnership with forward-thinking estate and letting agencies, The Bloom Apprenticeship Academy hand picks tomorrow's potential performers who seek vocational training as an alternative to university. The apprentices then attend an intensive six-month training course, which is split between classroom-based training at the Bloom Apprenticeship Academy and as an employee of their supporting estate agency in the field.

Successful apprentices qualify with impressive credentials - a National Federation of Property Professionals (NFOPP) Technical Award in sales or lettings, a Level 3 NVQ assessment, a European Computer Driving Licence and competence working with portals and agency software

HomeLet's MD, John Boyle, said, "Our partnership with the Bloom Apprenticeship Academy is a great way of helping to shape the future of our industry whilst supporting the next generation of letting agents. There are many young people who seek an intelligent route to employment that allows them to hit the ground running and we're proud to play our part in this."

Bloom's MD, Gary Redmonds, commented that "HomeLet's sponsorship will not only help us to equip our state-of-the-art training centre, which replicates an actual estate or letting agency, but also gives a strong message to employers that Bloom apprentices are not only technically competent, but also fully conversant with the products, services and systems of major suppliers to the estate and lettings industry. This enables apprentices to deliver added value to their new employer."

More information about HomeLet's insurance products for Tenants and Landlords at:

Friday 11 June 2010

Staysure insurance offers ex-pat insurance

The Insurance Daily has today reported the follow information regarding Staysure over 50's insurance.

June 11, 2010 - offers ex-pat insurance

Over 50s insurer has targeted the ever growing ex-pat community in Europe with a range of new products, including home, health and travel insurance plus pre-paid funeral packages.

The firm is the only insurer offering over 50s products aimed specifically at ex-pats residing in Europe, and hopes that the move will help it double its £12m turnover. marked the new product range with the opening of a new office in Marbella that will cater not only to the needs of the local ex-pat community but also act as a base for cross-European operations.

Marketing Manager Olivia Skeen explained that the new products intended to address concerns from ex-pats who wanted insurance coverage from a trusted provider, and that’s reputation for high-value and low-cost insurance would help make life easier for ex-pats. has a record of broadening the spectrum of its product range, and last year the insurer expanded its product range with the introduction of travel insurance for over 50s with pre-existing medical conditions

Source: Insurance Daily Ltd was formed by Ryan Howsam in 2004 to provide the UK’s growing number of over 50s with comprehensive reasonably priced insurance, initially concentrating on specialist travel insurance.

Today with the help of a management team boasting over 50 years collective industry experience, the company offers an impressive repertoire of high quality insurance products (travel, home, holiday home, private health and car), plus a reputation in the UK as ‘the over 50s experts’.

In 2009, in response to the growing demand for English products amongst expats living on the continent, Staysure expanded into Europe. Staysure is currently the only company providing expats in Europe with specialist over 50s insurance products, allowing overseas clients access to the same calibre products and service already enjoyed in the UK. It is our aim to become a one-stop-shop for all insurance, travel and over 50s lifestyle products both at home and overseas.

jml Property Services advertise Staysure Products on their websites these include: Staysure Private Health insurance - Staysure Motor Insurance - Staysure Travel Insurance for over 50's - Staysure Holiday Home Property Insurance

Thursday 10 June 2010

Shapps promises 'no more red tape' for private landlords

10th June 2010 - Government ditches lettings regulation plan

Housing Minister Grant Shapps has today promised England's one million landlords that the Government has no plans to introduce new regulations on the private rented sector.

New regulations were proposed by the previous administration in response to the Rugg Review of the Private Rented Sector, but have been judged by the new coalition to introduce too much additional red tape. These included a National Register of Landlords, regulation of letting and managing agents, and compulsory written tenancy agreements.

Speaking at the first Communities and Local Government questions since the formation of the Coalition Government, the Minister confirmed that the legal framework already in place strikes the right balance between the rights and responsibilities between landlords and tenants - with the vast majority of private tenants reporting they are satisfied with the service they get from their landlords.

Instead, Mr Shapps called on councils to use the wide range of powers already at their disposal to tackle the minority of rogue landlords that fail to provide good quality accommodation and blight local neighbourhoods.

Councils already have powers to require landlords to take action to rectify hazards in their property and where landlords resist, to make and charge for improvements, and to prohibit use of the affected parts of the property.

Local authorities also have discretionary licensing powers to tackle areas blighted by poorly managed privately rented stock.

He said: "With the vast majority of England's three million private tenants happy with the service they receive, I am satisfied that the current system strikes the right balance between the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords.

"So today I make a promise to good landlords across the country: the Government has no plans to create any burdensome red tape and bureaucracy, so you are able to continue providing a service to your tenants.

"But for the bad landlords, I am putting councils on alert to use the range of powers already at their disposal to make sure tenants are properly protected."

Also: Plans to increase the annual rental threshold for assured and assured shorthold tenancies from the current level of £25,000 to £100,000 will go ahead. The Statutory Instrument raising the threshold, "The Assured Tenancies (Amendment) (England) Order 2010 - SI 2010 No. 908" was laid on 25 March and the change will come into effect on 1 October 2010. This will apply to all existing and new tenancies and will restore the position intended in the original legislation

However: ARLA - The Association of Residential Lettings Agents said it was "extremely disappointed" by the Government's decision, saying tenants were not being adequately protected.

Ian Potter, ARLA's operations manager, said: "We are extremely disappointed with the housing minister's decision to scrap the previous Government's plans for the regulation of letting agents.

"This move risks seriously hampering the improvement of standards in the private rented sector, the sector's reputation, and the fundamental role it plays in the wider housing market as well as failing to protect the consumer who has nowhere to go when there is service failure or fraud.

"A minimum requirement must surely be consumer redress and protection of all funds taken from the public not just tenants' deposits.

"We have long campaigned for the introduction of compulsory regulation of letting agents, along the same lines as our own member-led licensing scheme launched last year. Currently, any person or organisation can become a letting agent.

"Until that is changed via national regulation, unprofessional, unqualified and unethical operators will continue to exist, to the detriment and expense of consumers and the market as a whole.

"The only option now is for the consumer to look for an agent which has signed up to voluntary redress and has client money protection; by doing so they would at least have a degree of protection not offered by many agents operating on the high street.

"We note however that the minister has not closed the door and look forward to the opportunity to have meaningful dialogue with him in the future."

More information about ARLA can be found at:

The NLA - National Landlords Association have today commented with "Well-meaning but flawed" - Register of landlords to be ditched. Details at

Defaqto launches consumer research into motor insurance

Independent financial research company Defaqto now offer a new research tool to enable motor insurance companies to compare the consumer appeal of specific and overall product features and to filter results by age, gender, affluence and claims history. With this information they can fine tune their products to meet the requirements of their target consumer markets.

Brian Brown, Head of Research at Defaqto said: “Research was conducted across 5,000 consumers asking them to rate which features of motor insurance were most important to them. This has enabled us to get very rich information about their preferences which we have integrated into our Aequos Online software. Our Analysis offers product providers a unique opportunity to understand which product features are most valued by certain consumer types which will assist them to optimise all parts
of the product lifecycle, from product development to underwriting, and from marketing to customerservices.

This enables insurers to:
• optimise their product development and design
• analyse and optimize the consumer appeal of existing and proposed product features
• propose and review product changes
• bundle product features
• identify existing features which are not valued by consumers
• optimise product propositions relative to the competition
• enhance customer segmentation and targeting
• improve the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns
• manage the product lifecycle competitively
• assist with the treating customers fairly culture

The five most sought after features and benefits are:

Ranking Feature or benefit Percentage of available motor
insurance policies offering this
1 Not losing No Claims Discount or being liable for
higher premiums if damage is not your fault 3%
2 No policy excess applied if involved in an accident
caused by an uninsured driver 13%
3 Protected No Claims Discount regardless of number
of accidents 18%
4 Protected No Claims Discount for up to a maximum
of one claim per year 25%
5 No excess applied following total loss (eg. vehicle
stolen and not recovered or damaged beyond repair) 4%

Source: Defaqto

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28% of family travel insurance policies do not cover children who live with ex

A report by independent financial research company Defaqto calls into question whether insurance policy definitions of ‘family’ are up to date. Defaqto urges parents to check the detail of their travel insurance policies this summer to ensure they have adequate cover for their children.

Brian Brown, author of the report and Head of Research at Defaqto said: “Many travel insurers will insure your children and step-children as long as they live with you. But if you take children on holiday with you and they normally live with an ex-partner they might not be covered. Insurers only consider them as family if they permanently live at your address.”

There are 423 annual travel insurance policies available and the table in top left shows the proportion of them that provide cover for children in the specified circumstances.

Mr Brown continued: “It’s imperative that parents check the detail of their travel insurance policies to ensure that they have the cover they need before travelling. In particular, couples who are not married, or have children from a previous relationship need to make sure that children are covered when travelling with them.”

Defaqto currently provides Star Ratings for annual, gap year, long stay and single trip travel insurance policies. Consumers can use Defaqto Star Ratings as a guide to help them choose the overall level of features and benefits offered by travel insurance policies. Policies offering a basic level of features and benefits would be rated as 1 Star and those with the most comprehensive range of benefits a 4 or a 5 Star.

Brian joined Defaqto in November 1998 from RSA where for five years he was their market intelligence manager. Prior to that he spent eight years working for both Royal Insurance and British Gas as an IT technical consultant. Brian heads up Defaqto’s Research Centre, comprising a large team that collect and interpret product information, alongside a group of senior consultants who use that information to provide analysis and consultancy services across the financial services market including the pensions, investment, protection, general insurance and banking arenas.
Source: Defaqto

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Wednesday 9 June 2010

Rentguard select Sterling Insurance as an additional Landlord Insurance provider

5th May 2010 News Release from Rentguard Landlord and Buildings insurance

Sterling Insurance agree terms with Rentguard to support their specialist residential Landlord Insurance product.

Rentguard are pleased to announce that they have agreed terms with Sterling Insurance Company on their specialist residential Landlord Buildings and Contents Insurance product. This product is available through Rentguard’s approved agents and distributors.

Rentguard are excited about this added product underwritten by Sterling, who also underwrite their Commercial Property Insurance policy. Steve Jones, a Director at Rentguard said, “We are delighted to offer an additional product underwritten by Sterling Insurance. From very early on in our relationship with Sterling, we have been impressed by the support and dedication demonstrated when managing our scheme. I am certain that this product will be as successful as the Commercial product and we look forward to building on what is already a very strong relationship with Sterling.”

About Rentguard
Rentguard is a subsidiary of RGA Underwriting Ltd, authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Rentguard was established in 2000 and provides a unique range of insurance products and services to the residential & commercial lettings market. Rentguard’s position as underwriting agents ensures that it remains focused on providing a quality service to its business partners and to their clients and customers.

The Rentguard brand has become synonymous with value-for-money and excellent client support, with products that are easy-to-understand and require minimal administration. Rentguard products are underwritten by leading UK underwriters.

Rentguard is committed to the development of close working relationships aimed at raising the image of its business partners, as much as reinforcing its own commitment to excellence.

About Sterling
Sterling Insurance Company Limited. is a private company limited by shares that has underwritten general insurance since 1994. It is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Sterling is built on quality – serving the broker community plus major institutions, providers and lenders within the financial sector.

Sterling is committed to providing their customers with competitive, relevant products and services that represent good value for money. They work to understand, anticipate and respond to the needs of their customers with innovative products and services. Sterling also values the trust their customers place in them and will safeguard the information provided in accordance with relevant laws.

Sterling treat their customers fairly throughout every aspect of the operation – from the initial design of the products, through the provision of information and advice they give, through to the aftersales facilities they provide. This is the case in the area of policy and claims management where Sterling provides market leading service.

Rentguard insurance produts can be found at:

World Cup insured for £6.2bn

According to "The Insurance Daily" 7th June 2010

The World Cup, the world’s most watched sporting event, begins this month, and Lloyd’s has stated that it is insured to the tune of £6.2bn.

The World Cup began in 1930, and has grown into the biggest sporting spectacle of the global stage, with huge support from all corners of the planet and tremendous financial implications for broadcasters and FIFA.

Football is bigger business than ever before, and according to Beazley underwriter Peter Thompson an individual top flight footballer can be insured for up to £50m.

The ten stadia that are to be used in the tournament are an equal mix of old stadia and new ones specially built for the event, and are worth a combined total of £3.2bn.

However, insurance is not the sole preserve of the talented athlete or prudent tournament organiser.

The ABI and Direct Travel Insurance have both, in recent months, strongly urged fans travelling to South Africa to take out travel insurance to protect themselves, should anything more serious than an unexpected footballing defeat occur.

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Volcanic ash cloud could hamper travel to South Africa this June

From Direct Travel Insurance 3rd June 2010

More than 20,000 football fans are expected to travel to South Africa for the world’s premier football event this June. There is however widespread concern that the recent volcanic ash cloud that affected air travel worldwide could lead to further flight delays or trip cancellations.

In light of the above football fans have been urged to buy travel insurance upon booking their flight tickets to avoid potential losses due to cancelled flights.

Paul Thilo, Vice President - Consumer Marketing at Direct Travel Insurance said: “Many of our customers are concerned about their forthcoming holidays, particularly as the volcanic ash situation may continue. Football fans heading to South Africa should make sure they have suitable cover and not simply consider insurance as an optional extra. Our ambition is to enable our customers to focus on enjoying the football, which promises to be a fantastic event.”

UK travel insurance provider Direct Travel has confirmed that they will cover claims from customers that are either stranded abroad or cannot travel due to the volcanic ash. Many travel insurance policies do not cover such situations, but in light of these extraordinary circumstances Direct Travel Insurance is treating this as an ‘adverse weather event’. This means customers may be able to make a claim for Delayed departure, Abandonment or Missed departure under their policy.

Direct Travel Insurance, nominated as the most trusted travel insurance provider in the Moneywise Customer Service Awards 2010, offers 24 hour medical emergency services, Medical expenses up to £20m per person, Missed departure up to £1,000 per person, Delayed departure up to £350 and Abandonment up to £6,000 per person. If the volcanic eruptions affect travel to South Africa, football fans that have a Direct Travel Insurance policy will be able to submit a claim for Delayed departure, Missed departure or Abandonment.

For further information visit

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Tuesday 8 June 2010

High Wycombe Landlord fined for unsafe house

I don't often buy the Bucks Free Press, however I did last Friday, June 4th 10 and spotted this report "Landlord fined after house found "unfafe"

According to this worrying report Itlaf Hussain was ordered to pay £6,758 in fines and costs over the condiion in a terrace house in Oakridge Road, High Wycombe, Bucks that he had let out.

Wycombe District Council inspectors found:
  • That there were 24 separate electric defects including a 13amp power point in the shower cubilcle, no electrical earthing for the property and bare live wires sticking out of an outside wall.
  • The soil pipe from the WC had a hole in it and was bound in gaffer tape and not properly connected to the drainage system and leaked.
  • The landlord had failed to maintain the gas cooker in good repair and could not provide a gas safety certificate.
  • A propped up garden shed was in danger of collapsing and floorboards with protruding 15cm rusty nails were stored in the garden where children played.

A neighbour said the property had undergone extensive renovation and was unoccupied. Apparently two families had lived there.

See also: Landlord fined £5,500 after double carbon monoxide poisoning in Hackney, London

Monday 7 June 2010

HomeLet Insurance update

HomeLet the insurance provider of Tenant and Landlord insurance products has just sent out it's latest newsletter.

Below is an extract:

May 2010 saw the formation of the new coalition government, and many are making predictions on what this could mean for the lettings industry. After some delay Grant Shapps was appointed as Housing Minister, but so far there’s been no mention of any future plans for the lettings industry. Heidi Abbott, HomeLet Sales and Operations Director commented ‘It’s understandable that the new government are focusing on addressing the key economic issues and tackling the county’s current deficit. However, it’s key that the new government clearly outlines their long term plans for both the private rented sector and the lettings industry.’

There have been mixed messages about the recovery of the buy-to-let market. On a positive note 80% buy-to-let mortgages are back and apparently there’s been an increase in the number of landlords looking to expand their portfolios. However, there are also fears that property owners and landlords could look to sell their assets in the short term to beat the anticipated rises in Capital Gains Tax, which could be included in Chancellor George Osbourne’s emergency budget next month.

Research by Belvoir has confirmed that there has been an increase in the number of larger homes and country residences available to let, which is good news for landlords who have invested in larger properties.

Tenants are now looking to rent as a more long-term option because they know that larger homes are cheaper to rent than buy. But with more large houses available to rent and longer tenancy terms, competition to find the right tenants is fierce – and the case for effective tenant referencing is stronger than ever.

The housing market overall has seen a slight boost in line with spring’s seasonal trend – the NAEA (National Association of Estate Agents) reported the biggest jump in sellers since August last year, while there was also an increase in the number of potential buyers. This bodes well for the summer, with growth expected to continue for the sales market.

Finally – although HIPS have been suspended landlords still need EPCs (Energy Performance Certificates)

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Rent Guarantee claim a landlord's experience

HomeLet's June 2010 edition features an article "A Real rent Guarantee Claim" As many landlords have now taken out Rental Guarantee insurance it is interesting to see what happens when you have such a policy and how it works.

The tenant had gone into arrears from 1st February on a monthly rent of £1,000. The landlord was living abroad but luckily had arranged Rent Guarantee through their letting agents. The landlord got in touch with HomeLet and took advice from their expert Legal and Claims team and arranged to make a claim under the cover at the earliest opportunity after the tenant ran into two months of arrears.

Notice was served and had the desired result – the defaulting tenant’s neighbours confirmed he was moving out and the landlord was able to secure possession of the property abandoned by the tenant. HomeLet paid a total of £2,158.61 in lost rent to the landlord, who incurred no cost at all for the legal work carried out and suffered no losses of rent as a result.

At HomeLet they deal with their Rent Guarantee claims in-house – but what did this particular landlord make of their service?

‘I would like to thank you most sincerely for the very unusual level of efficiency you have shown throughout this whole claim. Unfortunately, I rarely come across the level of customer service I have received from you and have found it to be most refreshing. Thank you, once again’.

I have personally used the HomeLet in house legal service and found them also to be most helpful.

We’ve all now heard lots of news about the national rise in unemployment, the increased cost of living and many people living out of their overdrafts. Sadly we know that even the best tenants sometimes fall on hard times. That’s why Homelet offer a range of Rent Guarantee solutions that can help landlords.

Looking for more information? Follow this link.

The Letting Agent of the Year Awards

HomeLet the specialist insurance company for Landlords and Tenants are sponsoring this year’s Letting Agent of the Year Awards.

The presentation ceremony for the awards, which are in association with The Sunday Times, takes place on Tuesday 15th June at QEII Conference Centre opposite Westminster Abbey in London.

The judges comprise highly experienced property professionals including leading agents together with other industry experts. John Boyle Managing Director of HomeLet is on the judging panel.

Ruby Wax is one of the speakers on the day and she’ll be talking about executive leadership coaching. - On the same subject if you are looking for coaching services for your company follow this link to

Sunday 6 June 2010

Do landlords really need specialist insurance?

The HomeLet Landlord and Tenant June Newsletter came out a couple of days ago and this is an interesting article.

Andy Wynne-Jones, HomeLet’s Head of Underwriting and Product Development answers some common questions about specialist landlords insurance.

Q. Why do landlords need specialist buildings and contents insurance?

A. It is a surprisingly common misconception that a run-of-the-mill homeowner’s buildings and contents policy can cover a property once it is let. Landlords that proceed down this route should do so with caution.

Becoming a landlord carries legal responsibilities that are all too often overlooked; a good quality policy will include tailored liability cover in the event of negligence on the part of the landlord. A specialist landlord’s policy will include essential covers to cater for the risks associated with letting a property.

Much as we wish it wasn’t, it is a fact of a life that let property will be unoccupied between tenancies at some point – another key area of cover. Quality policies will cover you for up to 90-day void periods without any restrictions in cover, onerous inspection requirements or the need to drain your water system – ordinary owner occupier policies will not if the property is not tenanted.

Q Does a landlord still need specialist contents cover if their property is unfurnished?

A Unfurnished lets are preferred by many landlords but what does this actually mean? Does the property have carpets, curtains or blinds? Light fittings, a fridge, freezer, cooker and washing machine? All of these are contents and yet we still refer to this as an unfurnished let.

Specialist contents policies are available for unfurnished properties. They will cover the basic contents outlined above, and in today’s litigious society, should also include tailored liability cover to protect the landlord. The tenants may trip on some loose carpet, they may even electrocute themselves on the cooker – they need the right protection.

jml Property Services are long time HomeLet Premier agents. To find out more about HomeLet products - follow this link

Friday 4 June 2010

Two of the ways mobile phone companies earn extra income

Just after Easter 10, I was in Dublin, Ireland and wanted to buy my elerley mother in law a sim card for a Nokia mobile phone that we had in the UK. When she was recently in hospital a mobile phone would have been very useful.

I went into a Vodaphone shop in Henry Street Dublin and was told that although the mobile phone itself was from Vodaphone UK, it would not accept foreign sim cards even if they came from the same company. They therefore could not sell a sim card.

We took the Nokia phone, plus another Nokia back to the local shop in England and they said it was not blocked. Who do you believe?
Earlier this week I set off for Dublin again armed with these two Nokia phones that were not meant to be locked into Vodaphone UK. As I was not 100 per cent trusting I also took an older "Vodaphone" phone that had had a French provider's sim card working in it for a number of years. It was fortunate that I had.

I went into another Vodaphone branch in Henry Street, Dublin and was told the two Nokia phones were both locked. As I had the third older phone, this worked and I purchased the new sim card.

Today I have gone back to my regular Vodaphone shop in England. I told them what had happened and was informed that their colleague had made a mistake. So could they unlock it, sure, but it was cost £20 per phone! I said that was crazy and the very helpful person suggested trying a general mobile phone shop in the town centre. They unlocked both phones for £5 each.

Apparently all the networks are doing this now. Great way to make extra money, not so good if you are off travelling around the world and want to buy local sim cards. You should check first before you go to see if they have been unlocked. I was at London Heathrow Airport T 5 last Saturday and in the arrivals area there was a shop selling UK sim cards. Again anyone coming to the UK should have their phones checked before arriving as there is always the possibility that the phone will not work.

The other area the mobile phone companies are making a good income out of will be on insurance. I have discovered that when you renew your Vodaphone contract and get a newer phone that they offer 3 months insurance for Free. This is automatically put on the monthly account as a debit, then credit and if you don't cancel it you will be paying around £12.45 a month - £149.40 a year. A lot of money.

It is a bit like when you book an airline ticket, if you don't uncheck the box by Travel Insurance or when renting a car you end up buying the car hire company's own car hire excess insurance.

I went to the web site and found JS Insurance. Here I am paying £4.99 per month - £59.88 a year and saving nearly £90 a year.

Do make sure that you check the locking out if you want to buy other sim cards and also the insurance issue

Thursday 3 June 2010

ARLA has appointed Sue Hughes-Thomas as president

ARLA Welcomes New President

ARLA has appointed Sue Hughes-Thomas as president.

Having become a letting agent 24 years ago, Mrs Hughes-Thomas then worked her way through the ranks of ARLA's regional, national and divisional councils.

“I am honoured and excited at becoming ARLA’s next president,” Mrs Hughes-Thomas said. “I’m looking forward to promoting ARLA’s remit far and wide, showing people why using an ARLA-licensed agent is so important – put simply, it’s the only way to ensure both landlord and tenant are protected.

“ARLA as an orgnisation has done so much for the industry – from launching the concept of buy-to-let back in 1995, to leading the way in the regulation of agents by introducing its licensing scheme last year. It’s great to be involved.”

Mrs Hughes-Thomas’s first career was as a children’s nurse, but on returning to the UK after 10 years abroad, she felt ready for a new challenge. This prompted her to set up her own lettings agency, The Home Management Company Limited, in Hertfordshire, with the initial focus of providing a specialist service for people moving abroad. Today, the agency has widened its remit, offering expertise to both landlords and tenants alike, across corporate and private lettings.

Speaking about her appointment Mrs Hughes-Thomas said that "I am honoured and excited at becoming ARLA's next president. I'm looking forward to promoting ARLA's remit far and wide, showing people why using an ARLA-licensed agent is so important put simply, it's the only way to ensure both landlord and tenant are protected.

Mrs Hughes-Thomas takes over from ARLA's outgoing President, Lucy Morton.

Commenting on the new appointment Heidi Abbott, HomeLet Sales and Operations Director, said that "We're proud to be partnered with the best letting agents in the UK. As the market leaders we fully support ARLA's calls to increase the level of professionalism within the lettings industry and hope that Sue will continue to drive this forward."

Source: ARLA & HomeLet