Tuesday, 8 June 2010

High Wycombe Landlord fined for unsafe house

I don't often buy the Bucks Free Press, however I did last Friday, June 4th 10 and spotted this report "Landlord fined after house found "unfafe"

According to this worrying report Itlaf Hussain was ordered to pay £6,758 in fines and costs over the condiion in a terrace house in Oakridge Road, High Wycombe, Bucks that he had let out.

Wycombe District Council inspectors found:
  • That there were 24 separate electric defects including a 13amp power point in the shower cubilcle, no electrical earthing for the property and bare live wires sticking out of an outside wall.
  • The soil pipe from the WC had a hole in it and was bound in gaffer tape and not properly connected to the drainage system and leaked.
  • The landlord had failed to maintain the gas cooker in good repair and could not provide a gas safety certificate.
  • A propped up garden shed was in danger of collapsing and floorboards with protruding 15cm rusty nails were stored in the garden where children played.

A neighbour said the property had undergone extensive renovation and was unoccupied. Apparently two families had lived there.

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