Friday 29 May 2009

HomeLet advises their agents to make sure that their rent is fully protected

News has come in from the UK Landlord and Tenant property insurance company HomeLet to their letting agents on the 29th May 09.

The recession has led to a surge in rental arrears and in the first quarter of 2009 they saw a 20% increase in Rent Guarantee claims. This means that they are helping more landlords than ever before. With unemployment predicted to reach over 3m in 2010 it's inevitable that the number of tenants who default on their rent will only continue to rise.

According to research by the National Landlords Association One in Three landlords currently have tenants in arrears.

HomeLet paid out £3 million in rent arrears and legal costs in 2008
They say that there has been a 20 per cent increase in Rent Guarantee claims so far this year.

Apparently the is guarantee will provide for:

  • Cover for missed rental payments
  • Specialist in-house Claims team to ensure all claims are handled promptly
  • Cover for legal costs incurred in evicting the tenant as a result of non-payment of the rent

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Tuesday 19 May 2009

Letting agents express optimism about private rented sector, claims Homelet

According to a report in The Negotiator 8th May 2009, a staggering 86% of letting agents expect the lettings market to stay the same or grow over the next 12 months, according to a HomeLet survey.

Only 6% of agents polled by independent research company Progressive, on behalf of the landlord and tenant insurance provider, believe that the rental market will shrink.
HomeLet Managing Director, John Boyle said: "Despite the recession, it appears that concerns about the oversupply of rental properties, due to the increasing number of reluctant landlords looking to let properties they are unable to sell, are not dampening people's spirits."

Meanwhile Olivia Donaghy, a partner at Woods Estate Agents in Bristol, agrees: "I think the market is definitely going to increase over the 12 months because of the opportunities which exist for landlords. "Anyone who previously had cash in the bank has seen that diminish and is now turning to the property market for a good annual return on their investment."
She adds: "I don't think the oversupply of rental property will have a negative impact on the market while there's a national housing shortage. "However, rents are falling because tenants now have more choice therefore landlords have to supply good standard of accommodation at a reasonable rate."

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Monday 18 May 2009

Rent guarantee claims rise - Can a landlord Guarantee rent?

According to HomeLet one of the UK's leading Landlord and Tenant insurance providers the recession has led to a surge in rental arrears. In some cases tenants are even abandoning their properties to avoid rental payments. With unemployment predicted to reach over 3m by 2010 it’s inevitable that the number of tenants who default on their rent will only increase.

Rent guarantee claims were up 20 per cent in the first quarter of 2009 compared to the first three months in 2008.

Landlords are becoming increasingly concerned but according to HomeLet who offer a range of Rent Guarantee insurance policies which are designed specifically to protect your landlord’s investment should a tenant go in to arrears.

They provide:

• Cover for missed rental payments

• Specialist in-house Claims team to ensure your claim is dealt with promptly

• Cover for legal costs incurred in evicting the tenant as a result of non-payment of the rent

The National Landlords Association had earlier reported that 37 per cent of landlords currently have tenants in arrears.

In 2008, HomeLet paid out £2.8 million in rent guarantee claims.

Tuesday 5 May 2009

Animal Friends Insurance are launching a new range of pet insurance policies on 6th May 2009

Great news for those of you with pets. Animal Friends Insurance will launch a new range of pet insurance policies on 6th May 2009. Starting at just £3.27 per month for a dog the policies will give Affiliates much greater chances of conversion and therefore income generation. Cheaper premiums right across the board will now also be available for customers choosing a higher excess option.

Animal Friends, the UK pet insurer that donates its net profits to support animal charities worldwide, will now offer perhaps the widest range of pet insurance options currently available in the UK - and the most comprehensive.

The policies on offer will include full lifetime cover - giving up to a staggering £40,000 per condition for life - to a unique entry level product, an Accident Only Policy, which starts at just £3.27 per month for dogs.

All new polices - save for Accident Only - will also now include Free Overseas Travel Cover as standard, allowing up to £2000 emergency vets fees cover in EU countries for those who take their pets with them on holiday.

Animal Friends will offer 7 different policy options ensuring there is a product for every pocket and need. To further help pet owners in difficult financial times Animal Friends will offer two choices of vet fee Excess - £49 or £99 - giving customers a further chance of reducing premiums by selecting the higher Excess.

As before, Animal Friends will continue to insure pets at any age, so even older pets can be insured for the first time with premiums being kept low by a method of co-insurance which makes things fair for those who find they don't have to claim.

Animal Friends is different to many other pet insurance companies.Animal Friends is an ethical insurance business that has dedicated its net profits to the care of animals and their environment. Our aim is that:- By working with good charities and supporting worthy animal welfare projects worldwide Animal Friends will help improve the lives of animals; combat animal abuse and cruelty; assist in the protection of rare and endangered species; help conserve unique and vital habitats for the benefit of animals and humans alike and assist local communities to protect and value their heritage; By leading the way with a new business ethic we shall persuade others within the commercial sector to do more to help their communities and/or other causes deserving of care.

Animal Friends was the idea of businesswoman and long term animal lover Elaine Fairfax. Elaine had been brought up in an animal loving family and her grandfather had even received a medal from the RSPCA at the turn of the 20th century for stopping someone beating a horse. Elaine had worked closely with many animal charities in her business life but she wanted to do more to help animals so she decided to use her business skills to raise substantial funds for animal charities through something people need anyway - pet insurance - rather than competing with others for charitable donations. Thus the unique concept of Animal Friends Insurance was born...

For her foresight and dedication Elaine was named the 2005 NatWest everywoman Businesswoman of the Year, a prestigious and highly competitive Award given also to acknowledge the fast growth of Animal Friends Insurance which, in a few short years, has become the largest independent pet insurance provider in the UK.

For more information on various Pet Insurance Companies take a look at Pet Insurance There are several articles on the site about the PETS scheme and transporting your pet by sea or air.