Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Flood Risk - Wycombe District and County News

The March 2011 edition of Wycombe District and County News arrived with the post today. A joint publication from Buckinghamshire County Council and Wycombe Dstrict Council, had the following news item.

Flood Risk Following the introduction of the Floods and Water Management Act in April 2010, Buckinghamshire County Council has been designated Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA).

This means the Council has new duties and responsibilities to help prevent and reduce the risk of flooding in Buckinghamshire.

In order to fulfil the new duties, it is essential the Council works effectively with partners, including district councils, Environment Agency, water companies and drainage boards. Equally important is the active participation and involvement of the public and local community groups.

During 2011 the County Council will develop a new flood management website which will include information about flood alerts, flood risk in Buckinghamshire, flood management factsheets and guidance on what to do if a flood event occurs.

In the meantime, please visit the Buckinghamshire County Council, district council and Environment Agency websites and search for "Flood Management" for the latest information available.

I have checked out the Buckinghamshire County Council's website using the Flood Management search term and there are several topics at

There are also links to:
•Aylesbury Vale District Council - Flooding
•Chilterns District Council - Flooding
•Wycombe District Council - Flooding
•South Bucks District Council - Flooding
•Environment Agency
•Local Government Improvement and Development
•Changes to Environment Agency Flood Warning Service
•Bedford Group of Drainage Boards
•Environment Agency: Current flooding situation

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