Tuesday, 3 August 2010

European Holiday Homes including EX Offenders

A lot of ex offenders moved to Spain.

The British weather is always the standing joke so a lot of us after we find that ideal holiday destination will also buy a special place in the sun it could be used just for you and family or also rented out for income or perhaps through changes in lifestyle you just want to escape from the British climate and expensive lifestyle OR perhaps due to a previous criminal record you just wish to start life abroad with out the stigma of a prior criminal conviction so get have a long term holiday home abroad.

The usual situation when you buy insurance for that property in Europe is that you cover locally in the country rather than from the UK which means there is often a language barrier either its hard to communicate exactly what you need particular if you have convictions or other issues.

Also the policy maybe in a local language rather than English and when it comes to dealing with claims you are totally at the mercy of the local insurer.

No matter what your personal circumstances including criminal convictions and also adverse claims history we can offer holiday cover in most European countries written by LLOYDS of LONDON with a policy in English and cover is arranged in the UK

So you are sure you know what the cover you buy for your holiday home is what you need it to be.

NOT FORGETING if you fail to disclose a criminal conviction you are wasting your money as the insurance will be worthless!

Information supplied by Equity & General Insurance Services

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