Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Employing ex offenders

Whilst some larger organisations gladly give reformed ex offenders employment it does tend to the lower grade positions.

For other employers its often a concern that if they do take ex offenders that of course are suited for the roll they will either fear huge increases in the insurance premium or will not get any insurance at all this is a very sad fact of life!!!

In truth a reformed ex offender will given the chance be a far more loyal employee than a normal person as they will truly enjoy the chance to prove them self !!! and reward the employer with loyalty they know they have to go that extra mile to break the stigma of the conviction too

Lets not make the insurance issue the excuse !!! there are a number of expert providers that can for complex risks who should be able to thank the business for employing ex offenders thus reducing re offending by giving lower premiums rather than inflated ones.

Article source: Neil Cook

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