Thursday, 4 March 2010

Specialist insurance broker has very busy time

Insurance specialist Neil Cook the head of specialist risks at Equity GI insurance Brokers has just reported a very busy week trying to assist clients requiring insurance that is often difficult to obtain.

He helped 20 clients who were having difficulty getting insurance in areas liable to flooding or had suffered flooding after they had horrendous experiences with other insurers either during the claim or had a shock when they got the renewal notice.

There were a further seven people with criminal records he helped and a further two looking for business insurance, but had bad claims records.

Neil spends a lot of his working life trying to arrange insurance for clients who have faced difficulty with arranging insurance due to criminal convictions, underpinned houses, properties in flood area and in Northern Ireland or other unusual risk factors and deserve a new approach in the past Neil has won numerous awards and accolades for true customer service over and above that offered elsewhere whilst he deals with clients that are that not normally liked by the insurance industry he does his very best to ensure they get the best premium he can offer he has saved flood victims hundreds of pounds in premium often reducing the premium by at least 25% if not more.

Neil Cook has joined Equity & General Insurance Services of Rugby last year as a specialist risk negotiator and heads up his own team focusing on placing complex commercial and household risks. Equity and General advertise their products on the jml insurance website Perhaps one day he will be truly recognised for his work in treating each client as a person rather than most insurers attitudes that they are just policy numbers.

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