Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Great value iphone insurance found

Recently got a mobile renewal and paid for an upgrade for an iphone as so many people have recommended this great product.
Our service provider added in insurance on the product for 3 months and the monthly account arrived a couple of days ago.

The monthly cost is £12.45 a month working out to nearly £150 a year! Quite a price and very good insurance commission. They add the price and deduct it, however if you don't actually contact them to cancel their insurance once the "free period" is over you start paying the monthly charge if £12.45.

I was caught like this once before so always tend to monitor the monthly accounts these days.

Thought I had better look for some insurance and came across a very reasonably priced insurance product from JS Insurance. This costs £4.99 a month, some £7.46 less than the mobile phone is selling insurance from! It took under 5 minutes to set up with direct debit on line and as soon as it was arranged, emailed the details and sent a text to the mobile.

Insurance for details for JS Insurance were found at:

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