Friday, 25 July 2014

School is out and holidays finally here have you got the insurance you need?

Schools finally break up today for the six week break. Of course many broke up much earlier than this including those in Scotland, Ireland and France.

In Britain the airports, roads and ferry ports will be very busy this weekend. Are you completely prepared?

Have you packed everything,? Taking your car, have you adjusted the tyre pressure to allow for extra weight? Did the passport you were waiting for finally arrive?  Have you purchased your travel insurance and if you are hiring a car your car hire excess waiver insurance?

If you have not arranged your insurance yet, it is easy to do by visiting  This is a specialist site that promotes a great selection of individual insurance company's insurance products and like the Irish version also offers access to holiday home property insurance as well.

You make all the arrangements direct with the individual insurance company so if you have forgotten that important "something" - "insurance" it is very easy to get it arranged  straightaway.

Remember insurance for travel, car hire excess and your holiday home is one essential you can not be without.

Enjoy your holidays.


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