Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Rents in London rise at more than double the rate of inflation

Rents in Greater London rose by 6.7% over the past year – more than double the rate of inflation, according to the January 2013 HomeLet Rental Index.

This month’s report shows the average cost of renting a home in the London is now £1,224 per month. This is a significant 84.9% more expensive than the UK average cost of renting a home, which is now £777 per month.   These increases are significantly more than that of the UK consumer price inflation that remained unchanged at 2.7% for the fourth consecutive month in January, according to recently released figures from the Office of National Statistics.
  Tenants in London are therefore currently paying rent that’s 84.9% more expensive than those around the rest of the UK. With average rents appearing to continually increase, possibly it will only be a matter of time before renting in Greater London is 100% more expensive than the average UK amount.   However the East Midlands is the only region where average rents decreased, after lowering by 2.1% over the past year to £554 per month. (Source HomeLet)

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