Thursday, 14 February 2013

Make sure you have Travel Insurance and Car Hire Excess Insurance for the half term holiday

The half term holidays start for most schools next week and in fact as Easter is early this year, pancake day - Shrove Tuesday a couple of days ago and Ash Wednesday the start of Lent yesterday it won't be long to that holiday either. I saw Easter eggs for sale in a branch of W H Smith yesterday and no doubt some of the supermarkets will have been doing this since the start of the month.

So if you are off on your holidays at the weekend have you remembered  to buy your travel insurance? A lot of people probably still do not do this thinking it could be a waste of money and that they would never need to claim.

You never know your holiday could be delayed, you have lost your money or luggage and then you really should have had that insurance.
If you are taking a winter sports holiday that is one essential you can not risk not packing.

Just like Travel Insurance, car hire excess waiver insurance is equally as important when you hire a car (or motorhome). If you buy this from the car hire company you will normally pay a lot more than you would if you buy it from an independent company.

If you are not taking a holiday, but moving home, buying new furniture and are hiring a van, don't forget you can buy daily van hire insurance and it does not cost a lot.

Many people might be visiting their holiday home next week, have you got it properly insured? At the  jml-insurance website there is a great choice of holiday home insurance companies advertising their  products. Some only cover properties in the UK, others like Intasure, Andrew Copeland and Staysure offer products for a range of countries.

To find out more go to  and make your arrangements on line with the individual insurance company who is advertising and then have a most enjoyable relaxing break.

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