Friday, 25 November 2011

Sorry can no longer quote for your property in a flood risk area

This is what insurance broker Neil Cook keeps on being told by clients who finds his specialist insurance services via the advertisements on the jml Insurance websites.

He says that many of the established insurance companies are not happy to continue insuring clients who live in flood risk areas, or the premiums and excesses have gone through the roof and floor!

He says "An insurance broker with considerable web presence and many great claims on quality and service has been insuring some clients for years with some insurers who are not renewing any household business.
We are hearing from an increasing number of these insurance companies clients that in the past have had flood or subsidence claim who are sent a short impolite letter saying in short sorry go away we cannot help you any more that’s very distressing and worrying !!!! and appalling service too at best if you are luck they will offer a quote that’s much, much more expensive with HUGE flood or subsidence excesses.

Our expert providers will gladly give clients in that situation a sensible affordable quote"

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