Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Unacceptable Insurance Excesses

Neil Cook an insurance broker who specialises in Non Standard insurance products has just submitted the following reminders

On properties that have suffered subsidence or subsidence issues, or mining issues or historic movement

Things to note !!!!

If the subsidence excess exceeds £1500 or even, £1000 with some lenders like some Building Societies the mortgage is invalid so please do not buy policies with large subsidence excesses as you are throwing away your money Yes you should expect to pay a bit for the premium but not vastly more !

Only buy a policy that has the right excess with a guarantee that when you rent out or sell the property that the policy will continue


Just because most insurers scare the buying by saying that you cannot get cover if the house has subsidence issues don’t be forced to stick with the same mainstream insurer paying vast premiums that particularly applies to the older generation who have policies with the likes of some well known insurance companies

Please do ask our experts for a no obligation quotation WITHOUT THE NEED FOR FRESH SURVEY REPORTS OR UPFRONT SURVEY CHARGES you could be pleasantly surprised at the saving

FOR FLOOD VICTIMS OR THOSE IN HIGH RISK AREAS including those people who like in riverside houses or apartments

If you have been flooded Do expect an excess that equates to about 10% of the cost of the flood claim !

Don’t be frightened into paying high premiums and vast excesses !!!!

On properties that are in high risk flood area DO NOT PAY FOR ENVIRONMENT AGENT FLOOD REPORTS In truth an insurance specialist who understands this wont need them

Again don’t be forced into paying insane premiums

The Association of British insurers treating flood victims fairly code of practice ends in 2013

Do be prepared for some nasty surprises !!!!! it is rumoured that the typical home owner who pays about premium WILL face vast increases such is you had a typical flood claim of £50,000 expect to pay another £5000 on top of your premium for flood cover

Our specialist providers are thinking more sensibly!!


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