Friday, 15 October 2010

Subsidence and underpinned insurance - Help is here

Are you having difficulty trying to get insurance for your underpinned property?

We have heard that a major player who specialises in placing cover for underpinned or subsidence property is having issues about placing cover or offering renewal to both direct clients and those placed through other brokers.

It is hard to have gone through the hell of having the house underpinned then perhaps paying a far higher premium than normal which also no doubt was a complex problem to get the quotation in the first place, you had to pay for additional surveys before you could the quotation then perhaps were shocked at the high premium?

We are pleased to advise of a specialist provider who can offer you stress free affordable cover without the need for additional surveys and most importantly they guarantee that when you sell the property the cover will pass to the buyer.

No other provider makes that guarantee.

Naturally you will want further information if you are a homeowner or insurance broker who is looking for an insurance company who will be able to help your clients.

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Unknown said...

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