Friday, 10 September 2010

Endsleigh house sharer insurance for students

Endsleigh launches house sharer policy tailored for students - 24th August 2010

New policy created using feedback from students.

In the run up to the start of the new University term, leading student insurer Endsleigh has launched an insurance policy specifically tailored for groups of students living together.

Feedback from Endsleigh’s customers has shown that students in shared, private rented accommodation find it difficult to organise home insurance because it normally means one person has to take responsibility for it and it can be an arduous task. Endsleigh has designed a house sharer policy specifically to encourage groups of students living together to organise cover together.

The cover allows students in shared accommodation to insure general contents throughout the house under one policy. It protects £3,000 worth of possessions for each house mate, with each student having a unique log-in to choose from a range of specific top-ups for their unique situation. Up to ten people can be included on one policy.

Vicki O’Connell, Endsleigh spokesperson said,

“For many students, moving into shared housing, for what is normally the very first time can be stressful. Making sure your possessions are protected isn’t normally the first thing you think of. However, it is important for sharers to have adequate cover, particularly in multiple occupancy accommodation, as it can often be a target for thieves because of the higher number of valuables inside.

We’ve developed the house sharer policy to be a quick and easy way for students to arrange for their possessions to be protected throughout the house. Everyone can sign up individually online, under the name of the property. And it encourages the housemates to work together, because the more people who join, the cheaper it is

Source: Endsleigh

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