Saturday, 3 July 2010

Boating season is here don't forget your boat insurance

Boating and sailing is in the news at the moment. We are at the first weekend in July, the weather is really very good and the 2010 Henley Royal Regatta is on now and finishes on Sunday. This event will not attract too much media attention as it clashes with Wimbledon and of course this year there is the world cup as well.

At the end of July till the 7th August is Cowes Week. The Henley Regatta was first held in 1839 and Cowes Week started a little earlier in 1826.

Whether you have a small boat or large yacht you need to make sure it is properly insured. have been promoting Nobl Marine's Boat Insurance since 2007.

Noble Marine are specialist insurance brokers providing boat insurance for most types of pleasure craft based in the UK.The great thing about them as they run an on line operation quotations and cover can be provided on-line, any time of day or night, for most classes of Dinghy, Windsurfer, RIB, Speedboat, Narrowboat, Rowing Boat and Jet Ski.

In March this year they issued a "Theft Warning for Dinghy Sailors" - They had noticed a steady rise in the number of incidences of theft from dinghies in Sailing Club compounds. The situation is worse for all One Design classes and the Laser in particular.

The thieves are targeting foils, sails, spars and even fittings attached to the hull.

They suggested that all dinghy owners should:

Leave the minimum amount of equipment with their boat
Before buying second-hand equipment, carefully check the source; especially when buying via the internet or at boat jumble events
Mark all equipment with your boat's sail number

So if you own a pleasure craft or are thinking of buying one, do make sure that it is properly insured.

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