Sunday, 4 July 2010

The 50 best Travel essentials - insurance not included

We are now well into the summer holiday season, many schools in England and Wales have not broken up yet but the UK newspapers are full of reminders about what to take on holiday and how to save money.
The Independent's "The Information" on the 3rd July was suggesting "The 50 Best Travel Essentials". Unfortunately one essential tavel insurance was not included. Basically the list included anything from a fishing net to the world's smallest hair dryer.
Meanwhile The Guardian had an article "How to save money on holiday" This article contains a list of items from Travel Money, travel insurance, airport car parking and car hire - under the car hire category they suggest that "Always take digital photos of the car when you pick it up – the hire companies tend to catch you on windows, wheels and the undercarriage, so carefully photograph them. At the airport, you'll be told to buy extra insurance at around £10-£15 a day, with grim warnings if you don't. Just ignore them, and buy independent cover before you fly. Two companies specialise in this business – and Prices start at £39.99 for annual cover in Europe."
It looks like there will still be further media coverage in the next few weeks.

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