Thursday, 20 May 2010

Staysure up to the minute travel information

Staysure Insurance has become increasingly aware of how quickly global events can change and how quickly these events can change the plans of our customers.
In order to better inform our customers and ensure the correct action is taken, Staysure will now be providing up to the minute travel information via their website. This allows customers to receive the most up to date information in real time, including how insurance policies may be affected. Below is the information they have published on the 20th May, however more up date information would always be available from their site or office

Information at at 20th May 2010 Ltd volcanic ash information

If you have already booked or are about to book a travel insurance policy through Staysure you may be worried about how the volcanic ash crisis will affect your policy. In order to keep you informed of the situation we have detailed below how we can help, and who to contact in order to resolve any queries.

For single trip policies already purchased and travel not yet commenced

To accommodate the interruption caused by the volcanic ash we will allow you to modify the travel dates on your policy, even if the policy was purchased more than 14 days ago. Our standard amendments fees apply. Please call 0845 508 9886

For single trip policies already purchased and travel already commenced (i.e. you are currently at your destination and your return journey has been delayed)

To accommodate the delay in returning to the UK caused by the volcanic ash we will allow you to extend the travel dates on your policy to a maximum of 31 days. It is not necessary for you to inform us of this extension. Customers wishing to extend their trips beyond 31 days please call customer services on 0845 508 9886 and they will be happy to help you.


Underwriters have advised that cover is not provided within your policy for this type of crisis, therefore FOR INFORMATION REGARDING RECLAIMING FLIGHT COSTS TOGETHER WITH ANY ADDITIONAL COSTS WE SUGGEST YOU CONTACT YOUR AIRLINE.

British Airways' Strikes May 2010

It has now been confirmed that British Airways' cabin crew are to strike on four separate occasions over the next month. The first strike will begin on the 18th May lasting five days until the 22nd May. Subsequent 5 day strikes will take place beginning on the 24th and 30th of May and the 5th of June.

The following notification applies to all four strikes announced.

BA is responsible for flight arrangements, so contact them or your Tour Operator/travel Agent, to discuss the options available. In the event that the flight is cancelled, BA will make a full refund or offer an alternative flight.

Cover for Travel Delay

Applies to Comprehensive policies underwritten by either Europ Assistance or Mondial Assistance

The compensation provided will be as follows


for more than 12 hours beyond the intended departure time: We will pay the sum of £20 per Insured Person for the first 12 hours Your departure is delayed and a further £10 per Insured Person for each subsequent full 12 hours delay, up to a maximum of £300 in all per Insured Person per Trip; or


up to £5,000 in total for your part of the unused costs of the journey which have been paid or where there is a contract to pay that cannot be recovered from anywhere else, if, after you have been delayed for more than 12 hours, you decide to abandon the journey before you leave the UK.

Cover for Cancellation

Applies to Comprehensive Travel insurance policies underwritten by Europ Assistance only

Europ Assistance will reimburse up to a maximum of £5000 per Insured Person in total under this policy for financial loss You suffer, being non-refundable deposits and amounts You have paid (or have contracted to pay), for travel and accommodation You do not use because of Your inability to commence travel or complete the Trip.

Cancellation cover applies if You have booked a Trip to take place within the Period of Insurance, but You are forced to cancel Your travel plans due to the British Airways strike action, which is beyond Your control, and of which You were unaware at the time You booked the Trip.

There is no cover for cancellation on Mondial Assistance policies


In the event of a claim please contact the underwriter of your policy directly, full details including address can be found on your validation certificate, key facts and policy wording

Source: Staysure Insurance - Note information should not be relied on for accuracy and you should contact Staysure direct for further information


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