Friday, 17 April 2009

Bargain Holiday Tips - Anyone can use - supplied by Essential Travel

Essential Travel, the travel insurance provider have come up with a selection of tips for finding the best holiday baragains.

Here are a few of them:

Go away for longer: The longer you stay away, the more likely your hotel, car hire company, etc will be to do you a deal. These savings soon add up and mean it could actually be cheaper to go on holiday, than stay at home.

Sign up, sign up: Sign up for newsletters and loyalty programmes from airlines, hotels and travel companies, to find out first about their special deals, discounts and upgrades.

Ditch your travel agent: Booking through a travel agent does give you a certain amount of security, but you pay for that in commission. By dealing with hotels and car hire companies directly, you will generally get better rates.

Research, research, research: Comparison sites allow you to compare prices and availability across all travel channels, so you can pick the best deal, or choose to pay a little extra for the date or destination you want.

Travel at strange times: Some flight comparison sites have a chart that shows you the cheapest day to fly. The general rule? Avoid Fridays and Saturdays - the busiest and most expensive days of the week.

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