Monday, 23 June 2014

Can you spot the difference in these two insurance4carhire ads?


The image on the left (A) is very similar indeed to  the one further down the page (B) 

They are both offering insurance4carhire's range of car hire excess insurance products.
UK and Europe - Worldwide -USA and Canada.

However there is a difference - In image A the cost of the UK and Europe is £39.99 - You would come across this if you typed in insurance4carhire into your favourite search engine.

The difference however is that if you were
to buy the product from a link from, jml Villas, jml Insurance etc you would actually come up with image B
The price here is only £38.00 for UK and Europe. Not a fantastic saving, but a saving all the same. In this day and age of saving money then this will be a better deal. What is more the fact you are buying car hire excess waiver insurance from an independent insurance company like insurance4carhire means you will usually be saving a great deal more than if you bought it from a car hire company direct.

It is rather annoying that when you hire a car there are add ons you have to pay extra for. Sat navs, chilkd seats, ski racks etc and of course car hire excess insurance.

With the first three in that list you can avoid these - take your own equipment with you, however the one bit of equipment that is essential is the car hire excess insurance. To buy your discounted car hire excess insurance for UK and Europe just follow this link 

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