Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Rentguard Insurance will cover Bedsits and HMOs now

Rentguard Insurance are delighted to announce that they have expanded the scope of their cover to cater for non-standard properties, including Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) and bedsits.

At Rentguard they are always trying to be as flexible as possible to meet the individual requirements of  customers and this is a pleasing step in further-increasing the range of cover available.

The HMO market is a fast-growing sector which refers to properties lived in by three or more tenants, forming more than one household, but sharing either a bathroom, kitchen facilities, toilet or living area.

Popular with young professionals and students, HMOs provide an attractive proposition for Landlords looking to maximise the return on their property, therefore being able to offer them tailor-made insurance.

Rentguard Insurance  are also able to offer comprehensive cover on Bedsits. Bedsits differ to HMOs in that the occupier may share a communal bathroom with other occupants, but cooking facilities are included in the sleeping/living area.

Rentguard Insurance offers  competitive rates on purpose built flats and studio apartments are also currently available. Find out more Here  Source: Rentguard Insurance 18-9-13

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