Monday, 12 August 2013

MyDeposits offers landlords advice when they are letting to a tenants with a pet

The August e-newsletter from MyDeposits arrived last week. The star feature was for landlords letting to tenants who have a pet or pets.

As the number of people renting increase, so naturally there will be more pet owners amongst them. Years ago it was difficult for tenants to rent somewhere if they have a pet. These days what the Passport for Pets scheme and the fact that people want to rent, but also want their cat and dog to live at the rental property then times are changing.

Of course in many developments, like blocks of flats it is not possible to have a pet as head lease rules will not allow pets (other than fish in tanks, and small caged animals).

MyDeposits has put together a couple of guides. One is called Best Practice: Letting to Tenants with Pets  - Details Here  and the other one is Reasonably Worded Pet Clauses  - Details Here This is a must for your tenancy agreement.

Remember also to take a larger deposit in case there is a lot of damage to the property as a result of the pet.

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