Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Floods and more flooding in Britain

Apart from the Spanish economic crisis, Euro 2012 football and the British Prime Minister's eldest daughter being left behind in a Buckinghamshire pub, last nights television news was covering the heavy rainfall in Britain.

After the west of Wales had been batterred over the weekend, it never stopped raining (yet again) in the south of England on Monday. The TV News showed images of people's homes and business damaged by flooding and unfortunately the weather forecast is not showing any sign of improvement with the tennis at Wimbledon not far off and what about the Olympics?

If you are living in an area that is liable to flooding you might find it is getting harder and harder to get insurance for your property. It appears that many companies will still insure, however the premiums are getting higher and the excess for any claim could be hitting the roof!

For many years experienced insurance broker Neil Cook has been finding insurance companies that will cover property in flood risk areas and where the excess amounts are not out of this world.

Remember even in the leafy Thames Valley your property could be near a river and when there is a lot of rain they have been known to overspill a bit!

Neil Cook can be contacted by following this link and it is worthwhile finding out what sort of price he can get for your insurance requirements. 

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