Friday, 16 December 2011

If you live in a "flood area" it could be a complete "no go area" says some insurance companies

Neil Cook an insurance broker who specialises in areas like flood affected property insurance, ex offender insurance and a lot more is a regular contributor to this blog.

He has just contacted saying that "I am hearing yet more and more reports from clients saying  that certain parts of the country are now complete no go areas because of either flood risk (such as SL6 5ND a rather nice part of  Maidenhead) rather than wasting clients times and effort just say to them we KNOW A MAN WHO CAN !! "

He goes onto to say that "rather than worst case of selling them worthless cover IE without flood or subsidence or a vast excess and premium any excess over £1500 is totally unacceptable".

So if you are having problems obtaining cover, or cover with a very high excess, contact Neil for more information.

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