Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Insurance for ex offenders

Ex offenders and their families often have a lot of difficulty in obtaining insurance and specialist insurance brokers will receive emails saying explaining their individual problems.

This article offers a sample of these and all reference to the sender has been removed.

“ We require home insurance for a client with GBH conviction”

“I have a recent criminal conviction act and have a 24 month community supervision order”

“I require a quote for contents insurance on my rented property please. My partner has a criminal conviction and served two and a half months in prison in 2009, so we are finding it difficult to find a reasonable quote”

“I need public liability insurance for my business, I am a self employed painter/decorator with a conviction of theft and perverting the course of justice”

"I am looking for third party fire and theft motorcycle insurance and have a custodial sentence of four years and I served two”

“I urgently need buildings insurance for a property I am buying jointly with
my daughter which will be occupied by her and two other students who will be
paying rent. I have not made a claim on buildings or contents insurance for
over 21 years. I do not have a criminal convictions nor does my daughter, however my husband received a 5 year prison sentence for fraud in 1996 and as a result I have been refused insurance on several occasions and am having problems obtaining it now. Can you offer me cover?”

You could say following research by a major insurance specialist who wishes to put right the wrongs in the insurance industry

If you thought the issue over banks and financial institutions miss selling Payment Protection Insurance was appalling or the “late” News of The World was horrendous a crime committed every minute of the day by those major insurance companies who sell you cover through call centres or online is far far worse!

According to a respected charity there are an estimated 7 million ex offenders in the UK which accounts to one in five of the adult population of the UK including Northern Ireland assuming that most people (including their family) have typically 3 insurance policies so that’s over 20 million policies that have been under false pretences by online insurers who fail to correctly ask/advise the policyholder that they must disclose criminal convictions also the problem is not helped by ex offender support agencies who fail badly by not highlighting this fact to their clients.

It is he duty of the policyholder, whether or not they are asked by the insurer to disclose any unspent criminal conviction also there is no harm disclosing any spent convictions too ensure everything is correct. Sadly those online insurers are more interested in grabbing the premium that actually treating customers fairly please pleas do not fall into this trap ! When you buy car or vehicle insurance you may just be asked if you have any motoring convictions as sadly that’s all the call centre staff are programmed to ask

In all honesty if you have convictions and have brought a policy and have not correctly disclosed criminal convictions you have wasted your money you will not be paid and insurers can have you prosecuted for attempted fraud to avoid paying claims or also report you to the police for having no insurance to avoid motor claims.

If you are looking for ex offenders insurance please take a look at this page


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