Sunday, 9 January 2011

Kidnap and Ransom - Have you considered buying insurance?

In February 2010 ITV announced that they had commissioned a brand new primetime drama Kidnap and Ransom starring Trevor Eve.

The series will star one of the UK’s leading screen actors, Trevor Eve (Waking the Dead, Framed) as international hostage negotiator, Dominic King.

The three x 60 minute primetime thriller is the first drama to come out of Eve’s production company, Projector Pictures, whilst in partnership with talkbackTHAMES

The ITV Press Release from the 8th February said "Eve will star alongside, John Hannah (Rebus, Cold Blood), Helen Baxendale (Marple, Cold Feet), Natasha Little (Mistresses, This Life), Emma Fielding (Cranford) and Amara Karan (The Darjeeling Limited).

When a businesswoman (Emma Fielding) is kidnapped in South Africa, expert hostage negotiator Dominic King (Trevor Eve) believes he’s dealing with a straightforward case – pay the money, get her back.

But when the release is botched and they strike again in Britain, the kidnapper, Willard’s (John Hannah) motives become far more sinister. With trouble brewing at home with his wife Sophie (Natasha Little) and teenage daughter - and his team, boss Angela (Helen Baxendale) and ambitious assistant Carrie (Amara Karan) pushed to the limit, King must draw on all his reserves to bring the victims home alive."

The first of the series goes out on ITV 1 Thursday 13th January at 9pm. A short preview can be seen on the ITV web site HERE

jml insurance has been promoting Kidnap and Ransom insurance under the Travel Insurance category on behalf of Equity and General Insurance Services.

Neil Cook an insurance broker with Equity and General said that they have received a lot of enquiries for Kidnap and Ransom insurance and the threat of kidnapping has traditionally been associated with Latin America but is now a global issue.

Large or small companies and corporations can be a trarget and it is most important that management pays close attention to the personal safety of its staff in the world we live in.

To find out more about Kidnap and Ransom insurance follow this link

In the meantime enjoy the series, but if you are venturing off to a "hot spot" you might seriously want to know about this type of insurance.

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