Thursday, 4 February 2010

New car sales increase in January in Ireland

I passed this advertisement from Aviva Insurance (the new name in Ireland for Hibernian Insurance) the other day in Dublin.

Irish car registrations feature the year , "98", "09", "10" etc followed by the county D for Dublin and then a number. Like many other European countries the number plates are black on white front and rear and they start with the Euro badge IRL.

The Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI)has just released figures saying that new car sales in January 2010 were up 5.03 per cent at 16,595 on the same period last year. The relatively small increase came despite the introduction of a new scrappage scheme in the December budget.

I was in Dublin for some 10 days and only saw two "10" registered cars parked in driveways of houses in north Dublin. A lot of people don't buy cars now just to get the latest registration and with all the bad weather about, January is probably not the best time.

Many people will also buy an ex-demontrator or a car with a low mileage on the second hand car market as you can often get a good bargain.

As the Irish Government has to be saving money, public sector vehicles will probably not be replaced for a while, however it is encouraging to see the increase in January.

I was in Dublin early in Arpil 2009 and was there for a week and did not see a new registration till the 5th day and and then saw several 09 vehicles in one afternoon.

The Hibernian has well and truly gone now, being replaced by the Global Aviva name and in Ireland this will become even stronger later in the year when the Lansdowne Road rugby statium re-opens as the Aviva Stadium.

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