Sunday, 25 October 2009

Insurance advice from the ABI about The Postal strike

As the postal strike looks like it is going to continue the ABI - Association of British Insurers issued a press statement on the 21st October. It said:

"Insurers have plans in place to ensure that customers remain insured and minimise delays and disruption, during the postal strike which starts tomorrow, 22 October, the ABI (Association of British Insurers) confirmed today. Anyone who is concerned about their insurance should contact their insurer for reassurance.

Steps that insurers will be taking include:

- Using email, telephone and fax wherever possible. This may include emailing renewal terms, and commencing cover for general insurance and life and pension policies online, by email or telephone. In the few instances when a written signature is required, this may be accepted by fax. Wherever possible, insurers will accept faxed copies of documents.

- Encouraging customers to pay by credit or debit card, direct debit or online wherever possible, rather than sending cheques.

- Using couriers or special deliveries where documents, such as motor insurance certificates and any claim payments, that cannot be made by bank transfer are required urgently.

- Using bank transfer payments for paying claims, and any other payments, rather than posting cheques.

- Bringing in extra staff, if needed, to deal with any increase in enquiries from customers.

Customers should now:

- Check the date when annually renewable policies, such as motor and household insurance, need to be renewed by. Insurers usually send out renewal terms around 21 days before the renewal date. If your policy is due for renewal shortly and these have not arrived, contact your insurer. It may be possible to send details electronically or by fax in good time for you to renew or arrange alternative cover.

- Contact your insurer or insurance broker if you are urgently awaiting any documents or payments, to arrange delivery by alternative means.

- Ensure that you do not drive uninsured. Postal disruption is no excuse for breaking the law by driving without motor insurance, and will not be accepted by the police.

Road tax applications and renewals require proof that motor insurance is in place. The online service at automatically checks that you have motor insurance, without the need for customers to have the actual insurance certificate, so if possible people should use this method. Otherwise, check with the Post Office as to what they may accept as alternative proof of insurance. Insurers will usually be able to fax or email any alternative evidence that you may need."

The ABI is the voice of the insurance and investment industry. Its members constitute over 90 per cent of the insurance market in the UK and 20 per cent across the EU. They control assets equivalent to a quarter of the UK’s capital. They are the risk managers of the UK’s economy and society. Through the ABI their voice is heard in Government and in public debate on insurance, savings and investment matters.

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