Wednesday, 2 February 2011

HomeLet insurance leading the way

HomeLet, the market leading suppliers of referencing and specialist insurance solutions to the lettings industry are delighted to announce the launch of their latest set of innovative changes to their product range.

Not only have some of their existing products and services had an upgrade for the New Year, they’ve also launched a brand new take on the lettings process. With unemployment set to increase to a 17-year high of 2.7 million in 2011 it’s already proving to be a difficult year for today’s professional landlord.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) estimates 120,000 jobs will go in the public sector and another 80,000 among private firms during 2011.
The brand new range of products, which are aimed at protecting the landlord at every stage of the lettings process, come as part of a product evolution. HomeLet who retain their market leading position through constantly updating and innovating, are delighted to announce the changes.

Managing Director John Boyle commented “I’m delighted we’re starting the year off with such a big impact, this new range of products is something we’ve been developing for many months now and having listened to our customers’ feedback and analysed the market, we believe this is a truly innovative set of products which are not available anywhere else in the market.”

The products designed are to protect agents and landlords through every step of the lettings process from tenant referencing right through to the support they may need with an eviction, if a tenant refuses to pay their rent, or breaches the terms of their tenancy agreement.

HomeLet has often been at the forefront of product development when it comes to tenant references and guaranteed rental income. Almost ten years ago, they were the first company to offer a combined Rent Guarantee, and in that time have paid out over £15 million in unpaid rent to landlords and letting agents.

However, the company has found that whilst around 40% of landlords opt to protect their rental income against defaulting tenants, there is a large group that aren’t concerned about lost rent. Whilst rent can often be covered, getting a tenant out of a property can be another story. This is why the company have developed two specialist services to protect them should they need to reclaim their property in the event of a tenant breaching their tenancy agreement.

The first, Optimum, is the market’s first tenant reference, which guarantees to remove the tenant if they don’t pay their rent, and it costs just £26 for HomeLet Premier Letting Agents.

The second is Evict – an ‘after the event’ eviction service, for those landlords who opted not to have an Optimum reference, nor chose one of HomeLet’s Rent Guarantee solutions at the start of the tenancy – but who have a problem tenant who needs evicting. Evict is a three stage service, which costs from £99. It uses HomeLet’s highly experienced in-house legal team to regain occupancy of the landlord’s rented property to gain possession as quickly as possible.

John continued “At HomeLet we believe landlords’ investment properties deserve to be in safe hands, and with our new referencing, Rent Guarantee and Eviction products we believe we can provide all the protection they need!”

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