Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Complete rebranding of ARLA and NAEA? The debate continues

On the 20th November we published on this blog a letter that appeared in the ARLA Agreement magazine and NAEA Estate Agent magazine. (Original is Here)

Written by Philip Suter who is a member of both organisations, the letter highlighted his fears that ARLA and the NAEA would become one body since the takeover of ARLA by the NAEA.

In the January / February 2011 edition of Agreement magazine, a further letter has been published

Don't group us all together.

Dear Editor

I am very much in agreement with Joy Warby’s letter “Don’t group us all together “in the November / December edition of Agreement, debate on “Too many brands”. Joy is quite right with her comments about ARLA incorporating principals into the ARLA fold without any qualifications.

In my opinion this was a mistake as you can have licensed ARLA members who have absolutely no “hands on” letting experience whatsoever, but happened to be a director / owner of a company that has a lettings business as part of that company.

There was no flexibility in the rules after the “cut off point” for those who had ARLA qualifications to become members in their own right. I have two colleagues, both took level one ARLA qualification, however neither decided to take the individual membership as they both worked for member firms who had been members of ARLA for many years. In both cases the individuals believed that they did not need to do this as the old style pre-NAEA takeover only had the firms themselves as members.

Following incorporation into the NFOPP the rules were of course changed and these two individuals with combined experience of more than 25 years will have to go back to square one again to gain “the new” qualification a be licensed members and use the letters “MARLA”. For a principal who became a licensed member under the “grandfathering” arrangement and who probably has little or no experience suddenly becomes the “face” of ARLA” in a local lettings office.

I also agree with the comments made that since the two bodies got together ARLA has watered down it’s identity and the NLA – National Landlords Association as a 100% dedicated rental association appears to have more impact on the media and consultation with the Government.

Philip Suter FNAEA, MARLA (29th November 2010)

Now in February the NFOPP head office is moving the regions, merging Buckinghamshire that was closest to Berkshire and Oxfordshire into Middlesex. There appears to have been no consultation with members, but of course does the memberhip count (except it helps pay the salaries of those people based in Warwick) Maybe another letter should be sent.

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