Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Flood insurance enquiries at Equity & General Insurance Services

Equity and General Insurance Services have told us that they are getting numerous enquiries for insurance for properties in flood affected areas.

Here is a recent example from earlier in November 2010.

We live in a two bedroomed terraced house in Cockermouth, Cumbria, and are looking for buildings and contents cover.

The property has flooded three times in recent years, in 2005, 2008 and 2009.

A flood embankment is in the process of being built for our street, which it is hoped will eradicate the type of low level flooding experienced in 2005 and 2008. The 2009 flood (which was the worst of the three by some margin) is deemed to be a 1 in 500 year event.

Our current insurer has agreed to cover us for another year, at a reasonable premium of £348, but with an excess of £20,000 for flood damage to the building, and £2,500 for flood damage to contents.

We would like to know whether there are any other options open to us, as we believe the hike in the excess from £0 to £22,500 is completely unreasonable.

Earlier enquiries

October 2010
Contents Insurance £50,000 required at XX XXXX Kenton Devon for ourselves as tenants at the property from 1st January 2011 - approximately August 2011.. We previously resided (as tenants) at No4 from May 2007 - May 2008. On 30 May 2008 the whole area was hit with a flash flood from excess run off from surrounding land caused by a localised cloud burst.

The area or property is not designated as at risk by the Environment Agency. This gave rise to an insurance claim of £28K Contents & £7K Alternative Accommodation which was settled in full. I am able to supply further information and have supporting documentation which confirms original incident and remedial works which have been undertaken as a preventative measure.

October 2010
My home was storm damaged in 2007

My property is a detached 3 bedroom house built in 1938

October 2010
Flood insurance for house that was flooded in 2007 due to flash flooding

September 2010
Buildings insurance cover for a holiday home that was flooded six years ago. Have owned the property for over twenty years and this is the first time it flooded. A high tide coincided with inadequate surface water drainage - more drains have since been installed and the problem has not happened again.

September 2010
House and contents insurance for a home in Morpeth which we are looking to purchase. The house was flooded in 2008 (September). Claim 25k contents and 30K reinstatement.

If you are looking for insurance for your property in an area that is affected by flood problems CLICK HERE to contact Equity and General Insurance Services


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