Saturday, 26 June 2010

HomeLet Insurance & Martin & Co Landlord Rent Guarantee Product

In July 2008 letting agents Martin & Co has signed an exclusive three-year deal with HomeLet - the market-leading insurance provider for the lettings industry.

It has just been announced that HomeLet is to develop a new rent guarantee product for landlords for Martin and Co clients. Martin & Co Promise provides 100% of the monthly rent paid for up to five months from the first arrears. It also covers legal expenses for evictions, regardless of how many tenants occupy a property, and once an eviction has taken place the landlord receives 75% of rent for two months, if no new tenant is found.

Commenting on the launch, HomeLet managing director, John Boyle, says: “The buy-to-let market offers a fantastic opportunity for long-term investors, but all too often you hear stories of landlords losing thousands of pounds in missed rental payments.”

Find out more about this at: with information on "a record breaking number of renewals for Martin & Co"

Any Landlord or Tenant can buy HomeLet Landlord Insurance - HomeLet Landlords Porfolio Insurance - Tenants Insurance (subject to HomeLet's terms and conditions) For more information visit the HomeLet site at


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