Friday, 9 April 2010

Third Party Dog Insurance and Mandatory Microchipping

We were sent a News Release from AFI - Animal Friends Insurance yesterday entitled "Mandatory Microchipping and Third Party Dog Insurance"

The recent proposals regarding revisions to the Dangerous Dogs Act (1991) in the UK - making it mandatory for all dogs to be microchipped and owners to have third party pet liability insurance on their dogs - have of course sparked another lively debate between people for and those against.

The government wanted to use this law to help decrease the number of dogs that are bred and kept for the sole purpose of intimidating others, and to take action against owners of dogs which have attacked people. The logic goes that compulsory microchips will help law enforcement track down owners of dogs who have been involved in attacks. The mandatory pet insurance part would compensate victims of dog attacks. The rest of this can be found at:

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commercial property insurance said...

You are right that some people are in favor of this most are those who suffered loss in past.but dog owners are certainly against it as it increase their cost of keeping a too own a German shefford and but i am in favor of this as It will save a lot of money in case pets becomes ill.