Saturday, 9 February 2013

Keep out the cold with the Rentguard Insurance Property Care Guide

After thinking that the snow had finally gone away, there is more about this weekend.

Rentguard Insurance sent out an email yesterday saying "While the recent snow has been great for kids and teachers, those of us in the insurance business have not had as good a time.

The AA recently revealed that the recent snow has led  to over three million pounds worth of car insurance claims and while final numbers on the current situation aren’t available yet, the last time large amounts of snow fell, in December 2010, over three million pounds of claims were logged on our buildings insurance alone.

Keeping claims down helps us to keep premiums down; which translates to more business all around. Much of this damage could have been avoided if a few simple precautions were taken and it is for this purpose that we developed our Property Care Guide, which details various potential dangers and warning signs to be aware of. Keeping to the tips laid out in this guide can be the difference between a minor claim and potentially massive damages. Find it here"

So what sort of insurance does Rentguard offer anyway?

At jml Insurance, we have been promoting Rentguard Insurance products since 2009. They offer the following:

Rentguard Insurance – Home Insurance

Rentguard Insurance – Portfolio and Blocks of Flats Insurance Insurance

Rentguard Insurance for Landlords

Commercial Property Insurance from Rentguard Insurance

Legal Expenses with/without Rent Guarantee Insurance from Rentguard Insurance

For Owners (Private Residences) from Rentguard Insurance

Rentguard Insurance for Tenants

Holiday Home Insurance from Rentguard Insurance   Find out more here and follow the dedicated links to Rentguard Insurance and make your online arrangements today and keep warm too!

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