Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Don't forget your Travel Insurance for your Valentine's break

With under ten days to go to "this most romantic day of the year" or so we are told, many people will be leaving the love nests and heading off for a romantic trip.
©This year the 14th February falls on a Thursday do that is a great excuse for a break lasting at least two or three days. An extended Valentine's break.

So you are remembering to pack the chocolates, pink champagne and other goodies, but have you forgotten to pack your travel insurance?

Many people tend to forget this and it is very important, particularly if you have paid deposits on hotel accommodation and suddenly have to cancel.

These are some of the reasons you need travel insurance for:

Missed departure?

Lost your passport?

Personal money stolen?

Damaged your ski equipment?

Personal Accident?

Abandon your holiday before you leave the UK

Catastrophe — fire, flood, earthquake or storm

Medical Emergency — Hospital — Emergency Dental Treatment

Legal Advice

©Last weekend the newspapers were full of exciting suggestions as to where to stay, so remember to arrange your travel insurance now. There is a great deal of choice to all all ages including the over 50s (yes they must surely have romantic breaks, in fact probably have penty of income for such trips) of insurance companies advertising on the jml Insurance sites. Find out more at  http://www.jml-insurance.co.uk/products.php?id=8

Half term is also on it's in a couple of weeks so you will need Travel Insurance if you are going away. You might be off skiing so there is a great choice at http://www.jml-insurance.co.uk/types.php?id=36&sec=8

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