Monday, 26 September 2011

Troubles of dealing with a bank providing flood insurance services

Winter is on the way make sure you have proper insurance cover
  We have just been sent this letter sent to Neil Cook, insurance broker.

"Since being flooded in July 2007 they have not only given me a £7500 excess, but my premiums have almost doubled. I have been trying to use my legal expenses cover to take action against the local planning department as they appear to be negligent.

XXX bank insurance said I was not covered as legal expenses had to have been in force since i have lived in the house.

Other residents in my area are pursuing claims against the local council .their insurance companies are footing the bill even if they do not have legal cover to get back what they have paid out, XXX bank are not interested .We have given the highest excess in our area even though other properties are closer to the stream. XXX bank are only interested in charging more.

By changing to Neil Cook I am saving nearly £1000 pounds on my premiums,
Many thanks for your assistance and help I will be telling all my neighbours to give you a try...

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