Thursday, 4 August 2011

To stop the re-offending of petty/drink/ drug related offenders

Neil Cook an insurance broker who has often provided interesting information for this blog has just sent us this.

"First and foremost, I was unable to watch the channnel 4 programme, due to another "Hiccup" in my recovery of the pitfalls of life mishaps, but having took myself down to "Unlock" rehibilition of ex-offenders, as rep for ex-offenders at my local community townhall) to meet the very man himself Mr Bob Cummings,O.B.E, I was referred to by another understanding intelligent, non jugemental worker from the Minestry of Justice department, I was greeted and made very welcomed, as this visit, I took up on myself, with my own instiative to find out what " Unlock" was really about, to en power my community with information,that has given me back my self worth, self esteem, and belonging,( I was very lucky, to have a judge, probation officier, that genuinely supported me on my journey towards, getting back into society, others I have heard thru my work HAVE NOT HAD UNDERSTANDING,direction by PROFESSIONAL WORKERS IN THAT FIELD, BECAUSE OF THEIR MISHAPS OF LIFE,and being judge from the word go, from their first visit to see their probation worker who is over worked with so many clients, that they cannot give their time to only the the five minute clients who they could not care to.

I THANK GOD FOR GIVING ME BACK THAT CHANCE OF LIVING AND HELPING OTHERS) the information that Mr Cummings said two good things, that "Unlock" are independant,reason being his independant organization was managed with "Great integrity" with his staff, governed by him 1/ that he is putting his mouth where it matters, to the naughty boys and men in this country by retraining/ and giving them one -to one support, towards employment,(where others, simply pass onto a never ending countless line into the justice system or job-centres, only to be told, "Theres a good job going, Mr Bloggs, for 6-25, per hour, as a cleaner( when, Mr Bloggs/ ex-addict/ ex-offender can go and visit a major store and steal a lump of beef thats been frozen, for months on end and can get six pound, for it down the local immigrant cafe, 2/ Mr Cummings was himself "a ex- naughty boy, a long time ago, and knows what life, as a ex-offender is all about,when released into our so called "Big Society, so we both shared a very good empathy, compassion about "the real world of obstacles, an ex-offender has to face, Mr Cummings centres will be the way forward, investment worth spent,"I take my hat off to him, because his idea has not come from middle england , which im pleased to say, because they will be the first ones to tear these centres down, hoping that his centres dont work, or think "along with the acamdemics ,"LOOK, AT HIM, WHY DIDNT WE THINK OF THAT? WITH GREEN EYE JEALOUSY, OR ENVY.

After there have regained their self esteem self -worth, and fully trained as electricans and plumbers etc,His project, manly for the youth- disadvantaged,hopefully will be the "ONE" along with only a few projects, in place,

As far as the the one in Bristol project, "Yes" its good to see, but a very tuff
one in that, yes they are decreasing the crime rates, (for the time being, but the fools, who lack intelligence) dont see the finl picture, finally after thirty years, these so called" academics", at thirty five grand a year wages, the final penny has dropped!Yet another "pilot scheme of statistics to shut the cumminity councils, commitee boards, fianceirs up, so they can say produce on paper and say look, our programme is working, we have cut the crime rate down! all well and good, "good work your doing, keep going......... "how much more money do you require??? this continues till Mr Bloggs the has come off his script, has contiued to succeed his programme, with 99 percent attendance under the DDR, justice system, but the academics forget many other things...............of the "Why? reoffending occurs?

The reasons are full of..............and it is not the drugs that cause it???? the drink and drugs are a cry for help, escape, from the perils........ wait for it......... homelessness, unemployment, redundancy, c.r.b. problems, time waiting for the non-beaucratic piece of toilet paper this country has enforced us onto....... (except for serious offenders meaning child/sex/ and violent mentally ill offenders) debt....domestic violence... services. As I said to many people...... poverty! You have to get these issues sorted before hand, before the training, schemes, prison, then its a completely waste of funding/ time....... a person that comes out of prison/ detox/ rehabs( which I believe is a complete waste of public funding, full stop!)A person is never going to be able to function while he or she has many issues, "As a experience person of the fellowship which did help me in the first nine months, to understand "Living life, on lives terms, aint that easy, when you have been years of slowly killing yourself, the destruction you have got yourself into the mental head that you are in, the mess, THATS WHERE US 25 PERCENT LOOSERS NEED THE SUPPORT OF ONE TO-ONE HELP FROM SOCIETY, THE PAID ACAMDEMICS...... HOUSING, D.H.SS, DEBT COUNSELLORS... SOCIAL SERVICES NEED TO START HAVING EDUCATION ON THESE ISSUES SURROUNDING WHY OFFENDERS KEEP OFFENDING, DRINKING ABUSE, DRUG ABUSE, are not the sole reasons behind the reoffending, it goes deeper, as Ive stated above, "One issue apart from poverty, can take any of us down that road to sin, abuse, prison, mental breakdown, it happen to us all, professional, acamdemics,the issues above in this century are the new " diseases of society today, if we as humans dont start to pull together, and start being unselfish and unjudgmental, and show more understanding, then as a grandmother our "future for our great grandchildren is doomed, forget " terroisiom,thats already been and gone and is here! The fight for education amongest us all in unity........... "I think thats what Mr Cameron means "When he talks about the "Big Society" the church leaders no-one listens to, I know why,................. but I will write about them another time

Source Neil Cook insurance broker from an ex-offender

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