Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Insurance problems solved for woman whose husband is in prison

Neil Cook an insurance broker who specialises in insurance for ex-offenders, kidnap and ransom travel insurance and insurance for flood victims has just sent in this report.

Had a call from a really nice lady who was having trouble getting car insurance although the husband is in prison and does not drive it is still the policyholders duty to tell the insurer!!!!!

I also asked her if she was ok about her house insurance she “Said its only a small village so her husbands conviction is common knowledge in fact her next neighbour was the insurance broker who placed the cover as he and all his staff knew”

She called me back shortly after in tears as after talking to her neighbour she found that for several years of paying the premium the broker had failed to tell her insurers so the cover was worthless

Thankfully our specialist got her cover at £8 more than she had paid !!!

If you need some advice contact Neil Cook HERE

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