Monday, 18 July 2011

Problem property building and contents insurance solved in high risk flood area post code Zone

Having lived at in our property for 30 years, I thought we had overcome all the obstacles until this year when I tried to re new our buildings and contents insurance!

Nothing has ever gone smoothly with our property since we discovered we had purchased what is known as a non standard construction pre-fab when trying to modernise it!

It was made from asbestos and bricked round. A lot of it has now been removed but there is still some left.

I have always been honest about this to our insurers and never had too much of a problem but this year they would no longer cover me and it turns out it was nothing to do with the property but our postcode as it is in a high risk flood area!

We have never had a claim for anything,and never seen floods here, so this shocked me.

The broker found me a new insurance but our contents alone went up by £300!

So I decided to do my own research and contacted numerous well known insurance companies plus trawled the internet ( hence how I discovered Neil! ) and found that most would not consider us and some would cover us for one not both of our problems!

Also if they did consider us it was a very hefty payment!

So I had almost given up and decided after all these years we would have to just risk having no insurance but it didnt sit well with me and caused a lot of anxiety.

I made contact with Neil after putting into a search engine, problems getting household insurance, and started to feel hopeful again.

He rang me very promptly and was so reassuring that he would find us insurance I knew I could relax at last!

I had to send him some photos of our house to satisfy the insurance company but it was all straight forward after that,our insurance premium has gone up by £200 but the excess is still the same and he halved the quote from our original broker so we are more than happy!

All I can say is thank goodness for Neil because he knew exactly how to deal with this and it was a great weight off my mind!

I will certainly be recommending Neil and TR Youngs to people as I am sure there will be alot more people I know with similar problems!

The above information has been sent to Neil Cook of TR Youngs Insurance Brokers by one of their clients. If you live in an area that is classified as a "Flood Area" either by post code or the possibility of flooding and need insurance, you can contact TR Youngs Here

Find out more about Flood insurance Here


arnold said...

I made contact with Neil after putting into a search engine, problems getting household insurance, and started to feel hopeful again.

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