Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A busy week for a specialist insurance broker

Neil Cook a specialist insurance broker who covers subject that many consumers have difficulty in obtaining insurance for like Flood damage property or Ex offenders insurance sent us details of a typical week at work.

Enquiries he had by phone, email and letter and from the web:

Lady’s house was worthless as she could not flood cover

Wealthy gentleman who suffered 2 major floods spent a fortune on defences but his insurers refused to help.

A long established vets practice in Morpeth that had suffered flood claims in excess of £1m they could not get any insurance so the business was on the brink of closure as well as making 100 unemployed the impact on the farming community and local pet owners would devastating we got them cover and saved the business as well in fact saving them a lot of money.

Father in prison for major offence needed vacant property cover

Thriving business could not get cover due to convictions

Had been refused cover as in flood plain in Wales

Could not get flood cover as in possible flood plain

Pub with poor claims history

Electrician who is bankrupt

Could not get cover for let flat due to conviction saved him £200

In prison needed cover for his flat

In flood plain

• Had hell on earth after 2 flood claims KESWICK
• 78 years old
• Lives in Bungalow
• Quibbling going on over accommodation costs
• Refusal of help towards R&R even though customer paying
• Had to wait an extra week for driers as Rainbow, although inquired, were told not to put theirs in
• Good surveyor who identified sensible R&R and suggested what could be done at owners cost
• Insurance Builder quoted ridiculous price, said it wouldn’t work, and suggested that he wanted to sleep at night, his boss on the other hand would be pleased at gaining an expensive job

Could not get liability cover due to conviction

Could not get cover due to previous flood

Could not get affordable cover due being in flood plain

Flood victims who’s insurer broke the ABI CODE & did not offer renewal

71 yr old gent in Grimsby was flooded his insurers made a drama out of the claim then increased his premium vastly to £750 with a £4000 flood excess I placed cover at £500 with a £2500 flood excess

67 yr lady hellish experience after being flooded I almost halved the premium

Could not get cover due to boyfriends conviction

Could not cover due to conviction

Could not get cover as flooded

In hull & flooded

Lady in USA wanted cover for UK holiday home in flood plain

Pub that had several claims could not get cover again

Who cannot buy or sell their homes although they have never flooded they are deemed in be wrongly in high risk post codes even if the house is at the top of a hill

Gentleman who could not get cover on his luxury riverside pad as it was on the river bank

Gentleman wrongly accused of sexual assault after being asked to help an a female colleague to get an ink stain off her arm her top got accidently wet and he got nicked

An honest hard working disabled mother she even reported her son when he was younger for breaking a window the son was arrested for trying to fend off an attack by his less than sane ex girlfriend

Gentleman could not buy his dream house as it had been flooded and no normal insurer would cover it

This is only part of the week..... If you would like to contact Neil Cook, please follow this link

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