Thursday, 3 March 2011

Lewes flooding remembered

On Thursday 12th October 2001,following three days of exceptionally heavy rain on already saturated ground, the River Ouse overtopped the flood defences and flooded substantial parts of Lewes in Sussex.

Following extensive flooding of Lewes in 2000, the Sussex Ouse Flood Management Strategy was published in August 2002. The Strategy included a recommendation to provide flood protection to the town of Lewes. The Strategy considered Lewes to be comprised of several areas, known as flood cells, as shown in Figure 1. The economic justification for various standards of flood protection was considered for each of these flood cells.

Since 2000, millions of pounds has been spent on defences by the Environment Agency , but when heavy rain is predicted people still cast a wary eye at the River Ouse.

BBC Sussex has a report on "Ten years on - Lewes people remember the floods of 2000" HERE

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