Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Clocks go back this weekend make sure your insurance is up to date

As the clocks are going back this weekend and the nights are getting longer, it is important that property owners turn their lights on and protect their properties from burglars.

During the winter months properties left in darkness in a street where all the other properties have lights on are much more likely to be targeted by criminals.

Install lights with plug-in automatic timer controls - timer lights convince any potential burglar that you're at home.

Have the lights switching themselves on and off in the bedroom, hall, kitchen, lounge and bathroom.

Make your home look occupied when you're out. Set the lighting timers to come on when it gets dark.

Switch lights on earlier (late afternoon/early evening) during the winter months when it gets dark earlier. In winter, it can get dark in the afternoon.

Another good idea to use a plug-in timer on your radio to make it sound as if someone is at home. Choose a radio station that has more talking than music like Radio 5 Live for excample.

If you're out or going away, ask a trusted neighbour to close your curtains for you.
If your curtains are not going to be drawn while you are out, consider using timer switches on low table lamps around the room, rather than the main ceiling light.

Install sensor lights on external walls of your property.

Make sure your windows and doors have adequate locks, you do not keep sat navs in view in a parked car or other valuables.

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