Monday, 9 August 2010

The top five tenant’s contents claims

HomeLet the Tenant and Landlord specialist rental insurance company has just sent round it's August 10 e-newsletter to agent.

One story caught my eye. "The top five tenant’s contents claims"

"For lots of students or younger tenants the property they’re about to move into will be the first home they’ve ever had away from their family. Sometimes this means that tenant’s contents insurance can be over looked. But this can also be the case for tenants who’ve lived in rented homes for many years, especially if they’ve been fortunate enough never to need contents insurance or make a claim. But we know that all too often accidents can happen and if your tenants’ aren’t covered they could lose thousands of pounds worth of their valuable possessions. So next time you talk to them about contents insurance why not mention the top five HomeLet claims, which are…

1. A dropped or spilt drink on a laptop
2. Accidental damage to their TV
3. Theft or burglary
4. Fire or burn damage to landlord’s property (including candles, irons, hair straighteners)
5. Water damage to the property (such as a leak from the tenant’s washing machine)

As you can imagine some of these claims can be substantial and without contents cover your tenants are risking everything they own. But that’s where we come in because we can offer affordable cover and full peace of mind.

Sadly many tenants learn the value of tenants contents the hard way because they didn’t have it when they needed it. Did you know that being asked about insurance by their letting agent is the most common reason tenants give for buying insurance?

It’s easy…
There are lots of ways that your tenants can arrange Tenant’s Contents Insurance+. They can simply visit the HomeLet website HERE"

Information from Homelet newsletter August 2010


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